Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Read my lips...Brandon Marshall will NOT be a Raven!

For all of you clamoring for Brandon Marshall, I’ve got three words for you: “GET OVER IT!”

This rumor was dead on arrival.

Would the Ravens like to acquire his talents?


He has been described by those in the know as a physically imposing receiver who can out-muscle defensive backs. He doesn’t have top end speed but he creates separation because he’s flat out stronger than DB’s and the truth be told, he may even be a bit intimidating.

Think of him as a taller version of Terrell Owens.

But believe it or not, the guy has more drama than Owens on his worst day.

Not only is Marshall a problem off the field, he’s also a cancer in the locker room. At least with T.O. you never really have to worry about him off the field unless he screws up his pill box.

So at the end of the day, the Ravens don’t want to pay the exorbitant price tag for such a huge risk and that message was sent straight from the organization at the speed of light.

Don’t buy into what some of these talking heads are suggesting. Why would the Ravens spend a fortune for a guy who is the polar opposite of the type of player the Ravens have spent the past five drafts recruiting, hiring and developing?

Remember, “What’s Our Name?”

The answer for that No. 15 out in Denver is, “Brandon Marshall.”

To the question, "Who are we?" No. 15 would reply, "We are Brandon Marshall!"

The Ravens just chased one problem child named Chris McAlister out of town. They’d like to chase Willis McGahee out of town too but unfortunately they’ve got an $11.25 million salary cap noose around their neck preventing that! Be that as it may, those two guys together don’t create the kind of off field nightmares that Marshall dredges up.

We should all spend our time debating something more “realistic.”

You know, like tagging and trading Terrell Suggs for Larry Fitzgerald.


No Thugs Allowed said...

Finally someone makes sense!

Dee Snyder said...

Let's hope that nitwit blonde with the Kobe jersey on 105.7 reads your blog Tony.

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy, and why should anyone listen to him?

Anonymous said...

Listen, I am sooo tired of hearing about worthless excuses for the Ravens not to go out and get a receiver. Marshall may have some off-field issues, but he's had over 100 grabs and 14 tds over the past two seasons so he certainly doesn't have any on the field. And why does this guy demand a lot of money? Well that's because there is only like two or three people in the league that can do what this guy does. And please, don't sit there and talk like the Ravens are a cut above the rest when it comes to hiring classy guys. I love him and all, but the Ravens didn't kick Ray Lewis out of town when he had his whole legal situation. So what's your point?

Anonymous said...

What problems has Willis McGahee caused for the Ravens? He might have struggled a bit last year when McClain was running people over, but other than getting blasted and almost dying in that playoff loss to Pittsburgh, the last thing I remember him doing is breaking a huge run at the end of an important game that gave us the final push into the playoffs. Oh yeah and he hit paydirt on that huge run he busted as well.

Tony Lombardi said...

Do you think the Ray Lewis situation would have been handled differently by Goodell? To think that Ray didn't even get a suspension is almost mind boggling.

Times have changed as has the emphasis on character. And let's not forget that Ray pleaded to obstruction of justice and that he has been a model citizen since.

As for McGahee, he has hardly paid the dividends on the team's investment that were expected. It's the way of the NFL...if you have a big salary and don't produce you will be gone. McGahee is no exception save the fact that he has a golden parachute that prevents the team from cutting or trading least this year.

The point was neither McGahee nor McAlister combined equate to the thug level of Marshall.

Jerry B said...

Brandon Marshall is a guy to pass "on", not "to"! By the way, TL, the reference to Ray Lewis' former legal problems prompts me to respond as a lawyer who watched the entire proceeding. Ray never should have been charged, let alone tried. The victims' friends testified that Lewis was not involved, which was enough to convince the prosectors to dismiss the felony charges. But, had the prosecution done it's homework and discovered that evidence during the investigation stage, those charges would have never been brought!

Ron Jeremy said...

We live in a fantasy football world and half the fans including this anonymous idiot(s) are in La-La-Land.

You A(non)-Holes need to get laid!

Dee Snyder said...

All of the Anons are devout followers of Anita Marks. I'll admit I tune in just to hear the next stupid thing she'll say. Somewhere between Exit 30 and 29 on the beltway she will always deliver.

Then I go home and shower to rinse off the stupidity.

Be careful TL. You might have just provided her with her next wide receiver "Jones" with you Fitzgerald comment above.

Tony said...

Brandon Marshall is not a "THUG". People that use this word sound like "IDIOTS".

11 of the 13 charges were either dropped or dismissed. The only real incident was him "allegedly" driving the wrong way on a one-way street after a Bronco's game. The other is still pending (I think?).

Some of these "THUG" incidents include:

-Arguing with his father in public (charges dropped)
-Being accused of trying to return stolen bed sheets to the Burlington Coat Factory 0_o (no charges filed)
-Loud Arguments with his girlfriend (who hasn't? none the less, no charges filed)
-His Jr year in college (19yo) he had a disorderly conduct on Halloween. (charges were dismissed)

I'm not saying Marshall is a saint, but come on already. And this Ms.Wately ex-girlfriend of his, sounds like a straight up gold digger if you ask me. If you've ever had a crazy Girlfriend you can relate. I mean half of these incidents Marshall was the one who called the police in the first place o_o...It's not like he's out getting people killed at strip clubs. Fighting dogs to their death. Carrying hand guns into nightclubs. For that matter shooting himself or others...

He's just had a severe case of Baby's Momma Drama. This lady is crazy. If he is such a woman beater, why were all these charges dropped or dismissed in court by a judge? You may ask, if she's such a crazy psycho B***h, why does he keep going back to her? Well, maybe the putang was SO GOOD, that he couldn't help but go back for more? But then again Tony, when's the last time you've had some good putang? Kinda hard for a virgin to relate now isn't it?

Anyway, unless you were there how the hell do you know what really went down? Do you like forming opinions without the facts? Wait dont tell me...Tony Lombardi is the type of person that likes to base his opinions on newspaper headlines. He was never convicted on any of these thugs-cidents. So give me a break already with this bad character rep.

Another thing, from what his teammates suggest, Brandon Marshall is a GREAT teammate. Last time I checked he's never had a football-related problem. So when did he start becoming a cancer in the locker room? Maybe when you started making ish up? Yeah, that sounds about right...

The Ravens are above the rest, yet we've had players go on trial for Murder, Cocaine Trafficking, Problems with strippers ect,ect...But I bet you still enjoyed the games, didn't ya? The only WR's with more receiving yards than Brandon Marshall since 2007 are Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Wayne.
Think about that twice...

Ever order Tyson Fights on pay-per-view? I bet Tyson's thugery didn't keep you away. I bet him raping a girl didn't even bother you when you rooted for him as he pumbled some dudes face into the canvas...Point being, as long as Marshall produces and entertains, I don't think anybody would give 2 flying its how much of a thug he really is...or really isn't.

1st and a 3rd! Make it happen Oz.

Tony Lombardi said...

I'm 48 years old and despite what my ex-wife and mother of my 2 children believes, I'm saving myself for my new bride in October.

Virginity is bliss ;-)

Tony said...

When October gets here give her Hell buddy! 48 years for this moment, last thing you want is to pop like a 10 sec fire cracker. Make Baltimore proud when you hand over your V-card

Two Polish guys are discussing one's upcoming wedding...
"I'm not sure if my future bride is a virgin or not." His buddy replies, "Oh, there's an easy test for that. All you need is some red paint, some blue paint and a shovel. You paint one ball red and one ball blue. On your honeymoon, if she laughs and says 'Those are the funniest balls I've ever seen!' You hit her with the shovel!"

Cherish these words of wisdom =)

Anonymous said...

It is funny to hear all these idiotic Ravens fans yammering on about character issues when it comes to Marshall, while the team languishes, year after year, with inept, ineffective offenses. They have failed to not only close the gap between themselves and the Steelers, they've fallen even further behind in 2009. It's a joke. But it's definitely not funny.

Issues for the Ravens in 2009:

1. No true #1 WR to stretch the field.

2. No more LoNeal, yet Cam Cameron spouts off about not relagating McClain to the FB spot? What a crock. What OTHER FBs do the Ravens have? Right. So it's McClain, and a bunch of double talk from Cameron, as usual. (Remember how he kept touting Adam Terry as a better right tackle than left tackle last year? How'd THAT work out in 2008? The same as in past years -- Terry stunk it up at RT, the same way he alwyas had before. That's what I'm talking about; Cameron's full of chit.)

3. Foxworth at CB? Good luck with that one. (And anybody who thinks it was a great idea to get rid of that "locker room cancer" McCalister for any reason OTHER THAN injury issues is a moron. C-Mac, when healthy, was better than Foxworth and Washington COMBINED, regardless of his attitude.)

4. Tight ends? Between Heap and Smith you can't even put together ONE TE for a full year.

5. How will an aging, past-his-prime Birk do at center against the AFC big 3-4 nose tackles?

6. Saddled with McGahee at RB it all depends on how well Cameron can mix in the productive RBs. Last year he had mixed success. (Just look at the end of the Tennessee game to see what I'm talking about. With McClain having a great game, he only gave the ball to McGahee in the crucial final drive. All 5 carries in that last drive went to McGahee, who sucked, resulting in a punt from inside the 50, allowing the Titans to get another shot to win the game instead of locking it up and earning the W. Way to go, Cam.)

Ron Jeremy talks about fantasies? It's a fantasy to think that the 2009 Ravens will be a post season team.