Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Frank Walker loves Baltimore...does B'more love him back?

Frank Walker was one of my whipping boys last year during summer camp, the preseason and well into the 2008 campaign. Yet somewhere along the line, it clicked for Walker and he became a valuable contributor to the Ravens defense. If you can refrain from parking your objectivity at the door and revisit his play during the later part of the season and into the playoffs, you would see a player who slowly but surely meshed with Rex Ryan’s defense.

Perhaps you made the same mistake that I did – you let the demonstrative antics and after the play yapping of Walker distract you. After all, how could someone as regularly beaten as Walker talk trash with and hock loogies towards opponents?

Some folks within the organization think Walker is half nuts and the truth is, they like it that way. Sometimes you just need someone to stir the pot a bit and Walker seems more than happy to oblige.

It remains to be seen if Walker will make the 53 man roster come September. The competition in the defensive backfield promises to be fierce and players on the bubble like Derrick Martin might surprise and knock out Walker and his $2 million plus salary hence saving the team $1.6 million in valuable cap space.

But don’t expect Walker to go down without a fight and some signature trash talking. He genuinely likes his situation in Baltimore.

Last year during the Holiday Season, members of the entire Ravens organization received greeting cards from Walker with a $2 bill inserted in each card. When they questioned Walker about the somewhat curious gift, Walker told the deuce recipients that he used to do the same in Green Bay, only there he passed out $1 bills.

Why $2 in Baltimore?

Walker said, “Twice the money, for twice the organization.”


Harryos29 said...

June 11th HARRY O 29
Well.. all of the "OTHER PRO TEAM IN TOWNS" losing in JUNE instead of waiting until August has led me back for my first love... RAVENS FOOTBALL.
I am happy to see the REPORTS in the SUN PAPERS about the DATES for Training Camp. I plan on being out in sunny WESTMINSTER with my new Camera and 8 gig Memory card to catch all the action.
Can't wait for Camp to begin.
HATS off to HARBAUGH by travelling over seas to CHEER on the TROOPS.

Jerry B said...

Interesting article, TL. Your sentiments regarding Walker are echoed here as I was convinced early last year that this guy was "all show and no dough"! But, as you point out, he proved many, if not all, of his detractors wrong with his play in the second half of the season. You don't "make it" in the NFL without talent, but sometimes it takes motivation to get the cream to rise to the top! Here's hoping Walker picks up right where he left off last season.......