Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ravens' Oher was nearly a top 10 pick

If the Ravens had their choice between Michael Oher and Brandon Pettigrew on draft day, word is the team’s war room may have been seriously divided. While the team is very pleased with the value pick of Oher at No. 23 sources indicate that the card turned in under this scenario would have described a coveted tight end out of Oklahoma State.

On draft day the league invites a handful of highly regarded NFL draft candidates to Radio City Music Hall for the festivities. Those invited are generally believed to be top 10 picks based on conversations with league executives. Michael Oher was on hand this year and word is the 49ers were set to select the Ole Miss tackle at No. 10but that was before Michael Crabtree unexpectedly fell into the lap of San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

When a top 15 player falls to a spot where you can get him, you have to take him. The Ravens made the necessary move up from 26 to 23 to take Oher. I think he helps the passing game in 2009 more than Pettigrew would have. They have Heap, Smith, and Sypniewski at TE. When healthy, that group is fine. Oher gives us the best chance of stopping the revolving door at right tackle, and he has Willie Anderson around to teach him the ropes.