Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ravens improve at wide receiver without draft

Ravens’ critics will argue that the team did little to improve at wide receiver but that argument assumes that the players currently on the depth chart have done little during the offseason to step up their game. Marcus Smith was the most consistently impressive receiver this past weekend according to one team official and that could be an indication that the former Lobo from New Mexico is shaping the raw skills that attracted Ravens’ scouts.

Demetrius Williams has added some muscle mass particularly in his shoulders and if healthy, he elevates the collective play of Coach Jim Hostler’s unit. Camp invitee Kelley Washington was clearly the most impressive of the trio of veteran receivers brought in for a look-see. Washington hustled, provided enthusiasm and made plays. Tab Perry did little to stand out while Jerry Porter stood out for how little he did. Porter was uninspired, unimpressive and judging from his movements not in very good shape.

The Ravens are said to be in negotiations with Washington’s agent. The Redskins had extended a veteran minimum offer to Washington but they have since signed WR’s Roydell Williams and Keith Eloi. Those Redskins’ signings might provide Ozzie Newsome with a little leverage at the bargaining table.
Photo by Sabina Moran


Jerry B said...

Great insight, TL! The Ravens' passing game will improve this year if for no other reason than the fact that Flacco is no longer a "rookie" and better offensive line play, which will "free-up" the tight end and translate into more time for receivers to "separate".