Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kruger in, Suggs Out?

DE/OLB Paul Kruger ran with the first team this weekend in place of Terrell Suggs. Kruger should see time as a pure defensive end and as the strong-side (SAM) linebacker. The former Ute was very disruptive in the backfield this weekend and he has been compared often to Michael McCrary for his tenacity. But Kruger is a much bigger player than McCrary and team officials believe he has the frame to play at 280pounds. Skeptics have thrown out the name Dan Cody, also a second round draft pick who like Kruger was projected by some to be a first round choice. The Ravens believe that Kruger’s frame will enable him to carry the pre-requisite weight for the position that apparently Cody couldn’t given his long history of injuries. Kruger has been compared to a poor man’s Chris Long, the second overall pick in the ’08 draft.

Others players singled out by the club as top performers during the mini-camp include Tavares Gooden (speed, explosiveness) and Lardarius Webb (speed, hands on punt returns)…Nothing new on the Terrell Suggs front. Word is the Ravens have offered Suggs Jared Allen-type money (Allen’s deal included $31 million in guarantees) but there’s been no movement from Suggs’ camp. Don’t be surprised to see this linger until July 15, the deadline for a franchised player to sign a new deal. Suggs may want to avoid all of the OTA’s between now and then. If there is no agreement in place by July 15, Suggs will have to play the ’09 season as a franchised player. Keep in mind that if Suggs is franchised a third time, he will be paid the average of the top 5 salaries in the league regardless of position. That is probably not an option for the Ravens. If the two sides don’t come together by July 15, 2009 could be Suggs’ last in Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

do the Ravens want to sign
Suggs to a long term deal or not? I believe that the
ravens aren't sure if they want to although he has been very productive and he is proven rusher from the end. Let's do it.