Tuesday, May 19, 2009

By featuring the Bengals Hard Knocks morphs from reality to comedy

AFC North rivals the Cincinnati Bengals will be the featured team this season on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” ESPN’s James Walker points out in his AFC North blog that featured teams have felt the wrath of the Hard Knocks curse:

In 2002, the Dallas Cowboys made their first of two appearances on "Hard Knocks." A case can be made that they invented the curse, not the Ravens. Dallas went 5-11 the first go around and became the first non-playoff team on Hard Knocks. Head coach Dave Campo was fired after the season.

After a five-year hiatus (the Jaguars participated in a similar program in 2004 but not under the "Hard Knocks" brand) the Chiefs were the third team on the program. Former coach Herm Edwards' group was coming off a playoff run but finished an abysmal 4-12 in 2007.

The Cowboys also became the most recent team on "Hard Knocks" last season. Dallas was widely considered the most talented team in the NFL. But the Cowboys finished 9-7and out of the postseason, making them one of the biggest disappointments of 2008.

The curse hit the Cowboys twice in six years.

Walker then wonders aloud if the Bengals can end the curse.

Well yeah…can the Bengals possibly be any worse?

What might be considered a curse reversal, only one player incarcerated in ’09?