Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bend it like Beck

A first year Raven who opened some eyes was newly acquired quarterback John Beck. Despite making a poor decision on Sunday resulting in an interception, Beck impressed with his quick release, accuracy and surprisingly strong arm. He is an extremely likable guy who brings leadership and a familiarity with Cam Cameron’s offense. The club is impressed with Beck’s redirecting of players as part of an effort to execute plays more efficiently. Beck offered encouragement and guidance on the field, something rarely seen from recently departed Kyle Boller.

One of the more interesting battles this summer will be the fight for No. 2 QB between Beck and Troy Smith. If Smith’s “Suggs Package” is going to remain part of the Ravens’ offense, the No. 2 position could be fluid throughout the season. It’s possible that Smith could be the No. 2 as long as Joe Flacco remains healthy with Beck being the emergency QB but if Flacco misses any time, Beck could get the call.
Photo by Sabina Moran.


Jerry B said...

Either Beck or Smith must be considered an upgrade from Kyle Boller who, despite being the ultimate team player, just doesn't have what it takes to be successful in this league, i.e., poise, pocket presence and......accuracy!