Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WNST = We Never Stop Texting...or shameless self promoting

Since WNST craves cheap publicity, let me play the philanthropist here and give them even a little more. Apparently they need it.

I subscribe to the station’s text messaging service. At one time it was a rather handy tool particularly when traveling. Now, the text messaging service amounts to nothing more than a platform for shameless self-promoting and a running joke amongst intelligent fans and members of the media. Anyone with a Blackberry or similar device could do far better without the false alarms. Count the boy who cried wolf among WNST fans.

Of course it could be said that many at WNST are immune to shamelessness, starting at the top of the AM 1570 food chain. One only needs to consider the Free the Birds campaign and the regular pity parties thrown before and after the Bob Haynie show.

Is it really necessary to send an alert to subscribers that Matt Wieters left a AAA game in Norfolk with a sore hamstring? What’s next, Brian Roberts up all night with heartburn?

These guys will stoop to any level for a crumb of attention…

Now Drew Forrester, the station’s Apostle Peter, is trying to attract eyeballs to WNST’s website by emphatically stating the club’s draft day wish list for pick No. 26 (according to a Ravens’ “staffer”) in order of importance: Brandon Pettigrew (TE, OSU); Rey Maualuga (ILB, USC); Larry English (DE, N. Illinois); Hakeem Nicks (WR, UNC); and Kenny Britt (WR, Rutgers).

As if Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta would tell him…

Who is the random “staffer” in Owings Mills, the janitor?

Would Forrester really expose a "solid" source? I think he's smarter than that.

Yet Forrester’s blog post, as solid as a hollow chocolate Easter Bunny, brought eyeballs into WNST's website which by the way (in case he didn’t remind you incessantly) you can find on

Speaking of corralling eyeballs, what do you think about this American Idol-like contest that Nestor Aparicio (aka the King of Shamelessness) is promoting like a parrot on crack? They claim to be searching for new bloggers and hosts for their site and station yet they fire one of the more upstanding and loyal guys ever to work for WNST in Casey Willett -- without notice!

And if WNST genuinely needs to replace Willett why not look to the capable Thyrl Nelson or Mark Suchy and promote from within?

The answer is obvious!

Ryan Seacrest Aparicio and his rapidly crumbling operation are all about the cheap publicity stunt.

Do these contestants really think Aparicio cares at all about them?

Well he might just as long as they bring a couple of new sponsors to WNST.

Think I’m taking a cheap shot?

Just ask Casey Willett or Aaron Wilson or Rob Long or Jeremy Conn or Terry Ford.

They'll happily serve up the truth and that’s something you won’t find on

Yet I'm sure you will get a text at 7 in the morning claiming otherwise.


Anonymous said...


I think this is a great site. I tend to agree with 90% of your opinions... but I think you need to stop bashing WNST. It doesn't look like a cheap shot... it looks petty and somewhat unprofessional, even if you are correct in some of your assertions. A posting like the above seems out of character for you, and frankly most of us could probably give a sh*t about WNST & Nestor (I know I don't listen). The draft's around the corner. Talk football.

Mike in Bel Air said...


Those clowns used to get under my skin too. But I let it go. You would be wise to do the same. Your energies are best utilized and best appreciated elsewhere.

I get that the guys that left WNST may be friends of yours but you've made your point. Their site is as bush league as their owner and morning host. Don't stoop to those depths. Just cancel your text service if it bothers you.

I Hate Ricky Martin said...

Ravens24x7 = We Never Stop Trashing AM 1570...

Nor should you! They deserve it!

Except for Bob Haynie, their staff is an insufferable collection of jilted boys who just weren't cool enough to be with the in crowd.

And they never will be.

Take your shots while you can. They won't be around much longer now that they broadcast more repeats than TV Land.

DF said...

Hey Tony,

I'll bet you a chinese lunch that Pettigrew is the pick if he's still on the board.

Mr. Whipple said...

Haha, the station that is going down the toilet now gets its scoops from the man who cleans the toilet.

Poetic justice if you ask me.

Anonymous said...


You blog today is right on the money. WNST has huge problems and one does not need to be an insider to know. Since Casey was fired here is what I have observed:

1) Fox Sports Radio is no longer broadcasting national sports with them. I heard that Fox dropped them.

2) There have been times when there has been nothing but dead air space; particularly during the weekend.

3) They are playing repeats of earlier shows--either Drew Forrester or Bob Haynie.

4) They don't get top notch radio interviews anymore. I guess they only interview people that they don't have to pay.

5) Aaron Wilson doesn't call in anymore.

6) One of the best Ravens shows has been eliminated, namely the Bruce and Aaron Saturday Ravens' show.

7) The American Idol contest is to get someone to work for free and I mean FREE.

If it weren't for Brian Billick's TARP money, they would be out of business by now. However, I think the writing is on the wall and it will only be a matter of time.

Jason said...


I understand your disdain for Nestor, but there are people's jobs and famalies at stake here. It seems that just about everyone is taking shots at one another these days because the pie has gotten a little smaller.

What happened to the Beatles mantra you advocate "All We Need Is Love"?

But seriously, what goes around will come around for Nestor. When it does, we shouldn't kick a person when he's down and say I told you so, or that guy deserved that. I think we should just let it play out and let Nestor keep pissing people off.

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 4.28 DONE WITH WNSTThis guy CASEY is EX MILITARY.. a great reporter, GOOD FAMILY MAN,whom I've met at Mc Daniel several times and a class guy. Nestor you are Crazy?
I deleted 1570 from my radio in my truck.
Harry O' 29
Sykesville, Md

Jack said...


Looks like Drew Forrester has taken you to task. Check it out:

Count me among those who like the fact that you've employed attractive, well-endowed girls to promote your site. It beats accepting Wacko for Flacco signs from a Ricky Martin wannabe.

One thing that Forrester overlooks in his piece. Those other organizations that promote heavily don't spam you to death or whine incessantly about how they are mistreated.

I guess when you are drowning you will hold on to anything that helps keep you afloat.

Tony Lombardi said...

I have no problem with Drew. He's a good guy but obviously we have a difference of opinion here. We would rather our work speak on its own behalf and allow our visitors determine how good we are.

They prefer to tell you themselves that they are the best website in town. Let's just call it a difference in style.

But I don't expect him to say or write anything else. He's protecting the people who feed his family.

It's all good I suppose.

Except for this weather.

JK, OC said...

If Forester had any competition, no one would even know who he was. He is so far up his boss' hind parts that he can't see the Forester for the trees.

If Ed Norris ever steps down from The Fan and Haynie takes that time slot, it is OVER for WNST. Come to think of it, Nestor and Drew should be sucking up big time to Haynie. Haynie should double his salary. He is the one thing keeping that ship afloat.

Anonymous said...

If Haynie leaves WNST, their done. I only listen to is show now, and I miss half due to listening to Rob Long's show on 1370.

What Nestor did to Terry, Jeremy, and Casey was bad business. Letting them go was a mistake. Bruce and Rob saw the writing on the wall and bailed.

I hope that Bob gets on at 1370 or 105.7 The Fan at some point.

WNST is dead.

Joey Bag A Donuts said...

I think the point of Tony's blog topic is to say that at some point, if you keep whining, if you keep promoting senselessness like Free The Bird, if you keep sending text messages that aren't very compelling, then folks stop paying attention. And when they do, you are screwed. The boy that cried wolf is a solid comparison.

I've read pieces from Lombardi before when he's praised WNST. But that's when they were good. Now they are but a shadow of what they used to be and a comment above nailed it -- if Haynie leaves they are toast! This talent search gig that they are hosting is a joke. Why are they searching at all? Had they maintained the talents of Rob Long, Casey Wilet, Jeremy Kohn and Aaron Wilson they wouldn't need this exercise in futility.

Although a few of those contestants have to be better than Ray Bachman. He is so bad I switch over to Anita Marks.

Oh and let me add, the writing on is inferior to the writing on this site. It's not even close. Nestor can't get out of his own way. EVERYTHING is about him or his wife. Forester is a know it all.

This all has to be embarrassing to Brian Billick. Hell I'm embarrassed for him and his association with these misfits at WNST.

Neil Young said...


You should just let these clowns continue to slowly drag the razor across their wrists. Let them suffer and die an insignificant and slow death. Will anyone really notice? Will anyone really care?

Tony Lombardi said...

Wow, this two-week-old blog post certainly was revived today…

I’ll respond once more and then bow out of the banter here. More than likely, what I’m about to say may kill the emotion on this topic but that’s ok. Perhaps it’s time.

I was once a big fan of WNST. I remember listening to Nestor when he wasn’t so busy playing the victim and when he was genuinely a champion for Baltimore Sports. In many ways the options we have today for sports talk radio in this town can be credited at least in part to his pioneering efforts.
When Nestor brought his “A” game, few if any around here were better.

Unfortunately for us all – and I sincerely mean it when I say “unfortunately”, that is ancient history and so too is the WNST that I once admired. Maybe that’s the rub for me. Maybe that in part is why I have an ax to grind with those guys. I feel a bit cheated because they can’t find their way back and it’s doubtful that they ever will.

WNST spends countless hours directing venom towards the Orioles, particularly the front office. Not that the criticism isn’t justified it’s just the adolescent way in which it is presented. They then wonder why press passes are revoked.

The one guy who enjoyed a cordial relationship with the team (the likable Casey Willet) was fired by Nestor Aparicio. No warning, no time to prepare his family of 7, no nothing. And they think these things go unnoticed by the team?

One of the station's best shows was the Saturday Football Show with Bruce Cunningham and Aaron Wilson. Gone! No warning, no anything to the loyal listeners that tuned in or the sponsors that supported the program.

Jeremy Conn and Terry Ford, fired…before them Spiro Morekas and The Swami.

Most of the moves left the WNST team weaker and each of the bitter departures could have been either avoided or handled more professionally.

Rob Long walked on his own in a professional way but let’s not forget that Rob was fired and later re-hired by Nestor within a 48 hour period ONLY because a highly coveted sponsor objected.

In the end I can’t help but laugh at the irony in the WNST fall from grace. They dish out hostile and vitriolic criticisms towards the Angelos regime and its management style while the management style of the Aparicio regime at WNST in many ways mirrors that of Angelos.

Believe it or not, I am saddened by the station’s increasing irrelevancy – perhaps even a bit angered by it. But as they say, it is what it is. WNST is who they are and all the criticism of their methods by you or me won’t change a thing.

The fair remarks from the first anonymous poster above serve as a bit of an epiphany for me. It’s time to let it go. The little radio station that could just can’t anymore.