Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ozzie Newsome not yet finished with free agent market

When asked about the possibility of other free agent signings during the Matt Birk press conference, Ozzie Newsome made it abundantly clear that the Ravens were far from finished. He didn’t mention names, danced around the topic of Terrell Owens (more on that in a bit) and then said something that in my opinion summarized the team’s approach to free agency.

In so many words, Ozzie said that they are looking to augment their roster via free agency in a way that allows them to pick the best player available on their draft board come April 25 without having the influence of “need” force them to betray their board. In other words, they simply want to piece together their roster prior to the draft that allows them to pick the best players available regardless of position. And as we’ve heard Ozzie and Eric DeCosta say many times before, eventually all positions become a need.

That is a plan.

That is a strategy.

That is why Ozzie Newsome does what he does and writers and fans do what they do.
The choices and decisions that the Ravens make are free of emotion, just as they should be.

While listening to today’s presser I was reminded that acquiring new talent is just one way that a team gets better. John Harbaugh pointed out that all the players and coaches are studying how they can improve upon what they do. Part of the roster may be stagnant and 80% of the faces will be the same. That doesn’t mean that the production has to be the same from that 80%. Coaches will look to get more out of their players and they will demand more from themselves. They will challenge each other.

It is all part of a process and the process can’t be judged until Harbaugh names his 53 man roster in September and regular season play resumes.

And when play resumes, don’t expect the Ravens to have Terrell Owens on their sideline.

Last year, the Ravens walked and talked team. The lived and breathed it and even chanted it: “What’s our name? RAVENS!”

During today’s presser, Harbaugh and Newsome commented on the talent and the character of the newest Ravens, namely Domonique Foxworth and Matt Birk.

Quality players, quality men.

Those are great shoes if they fit. Owens couldn’t make them fit with all the shoe horns in Nordstroms.

And if you are among the minority that sees a Ravens’ team need and sees Owens as a solution just remember this, John Harbaugh was on Andy Reid’s staff when Owens rolled his drama tour through Philadelphia.

He’s already seen that movie before.

Why go again when you already know how the story ends?


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 March 5th
...NO Terrell Owens. PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Recall that Terrell Owens claimed that Ozzie used a racially offensive remark when dealing with him during his short stay on the Ravens roster a few years ago. Ozzie vigorously denied this, and it must have infuriated him to have defend himself in that way given all he has done as an African American to advance to the level he has. There is no possible way there's any consideration of going after Owens after all that, so fans shouldn't waste any breath debating this.