Monday, March 09, 2009

Is WNST a sinking ship?

Those who read this blog know that I have taken my fair share of shots at WNST – specifically majority owner Nestor Aparicio. For so many reasons – some of which I’ve blogged about, some of which I’ve alluded to and some of which aren’t appropriate for this forum he is an inviting target.

He claims to be a champion of Baltimore and then arrogantly turns his nose up at those less fortunate than himself as evidenced by his thoughts on homelessness in Baltimore.

He fancies himself as an upstanding member of the media but then engages in a senseless altercation on Media Row prior to Super Bowl XLIII embarrassing his employees and sponsors.

He organizes a senseless rally called Free the Birds, the alleged intent of which was to persuade Orioles’ owner Peter Angelos to sell the team without realizing that his true intent was blindingly transparent – a cheap publicity stunt to bring attention to him and his station. And then he wonders why he is blackballed by the Orioles.

Aparicio once told me that his staff at WNST is like family to him and that he is driven each day because he has mouths to feed – not just his but family members of those who work for him, a noble concept for sure. Yet when economic times are as difficult as they’ve been in decades, he fires a man who put in countless overtime hours for WNST; cultivated relationships with the Ravens and Orioles (something that Aparicio can only dream of now); and let’s not forget that said fired employee was as loyal as a best friend despite the many challenges and opportunities to betray such loyalty.

On Friday Casey Willett was fired by Nestor Aparicio.

No warning.

No severance to speak of at this time although Willett remains hopeful as do his wife and 5 children.

Now that’s nasty, a well-earned moniker for Aparicio.

Times are difficult and such times usher in difficult decisions. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle these things and Aparicio’s compassion or lack thereof is grotesque. He was as delicate as a chainsaw during a circumcision.

Casey Willett is a good man, a first class guy who served in the U.S. Army for 6 years and as a medic at Walter Reed Medical Center. He will survive and when the dust settles, he’ll be far better off. In this I have no doubt!

As for WNST, who knows…

I’m disappointed that the WNST we used to know and love is nothing more than a memory. It was once the “station with balls” and now they are just the “station with no heart.”

They once boldly pushed new boundaries in the local sports scene.

Now they are just a trail of broken glass and shattered dreams.

And that’s a shame, particularly for Bob Haynie, Drew Forrester and Ray Bachman who have all invested vast amounts of sweat equity into this now sinking ship.

Consider this fair warning gentlemen!

And tighten up those life preservers, something Casey Willett never had a chance to do.


Free WNST said...

Well said TL! Casey will be fine.
WNST will not be. Poor Bob Haynie.

Can't 105.7 The Fan give Cunningham's slot to Haynie. Talk about an empty suit and a no nothing poser. I have an idea for station managment at CBS. Maybe they can bring on Haynie and not have to eat Ron Burgundy's contract. Let him spin records on 101.9 the Lite. Lite fits him perfectly and old Brucie would be back in his DJ comfort zone.

But back to Casey, we will hear you soon I'm sure. Hey why not blog hear on 24x7?

The Swami said...

To answer the question, YES!

Glad I'm not a sponsor.

Chris B said...

Well Tony it looks that way. For the life of me I can't understand what's going on. I've supported Nestor from the very beginning and am now wondering if I should continue to do so.

Captain Stubing said...

Can you say Titanic?

Anonymous said...

Totally down with Free WNST's comment about Haynie replacing Cunningham. That guy is a joke without Aaron Wilson and I heard from a pretty reliable source that 105.7 wanted Aaron to come over with Cunningham for a day or two per week and Cunningham would not support it. Apparently he wanted to prove that he could do the show without Aaron. How's that working out for you their Ron Burgundy?

Back to the point here, yes, yes and's may day at NST. George Clooney had a better chance in Perfect Storm.

Rose, where are you Rose?


Anonymous said...

I have a funny story for you all. I was a facebook friend of Nestor until I mentioned that I was Jewish.

You can all guess what happened next. I was dropped as a friend.

His issues are much deeper than you think.

Jason said...


I've always thought you've been harsh to Nestor & NST. I gave Nestor the benefit of the doubt because he was a guy who started and built a station on his own through hard work. He is also one of the better if not the best on-air personality in Baltimore when it comes to talking sports.

But if what you've said is completely true, then shame on Nestor. Casey is a consumate professional and was always on top of the story regardless of the hour. I think there is a serious financial crisis over there and Nestor doesn't seem like a guy who can control his emotions when s*it hits the fan.

What goes around will come around for Nestor.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should go over to Facebook and read all of the comments under "WNST Never Should Have Let Casey Willett Go." They are very telling and give you an inside scoop on how Nestor treats his employees. Aaron Wilson's comments are particularly revealing. Now I know why the Orioles boycott WNST and refuse to answer any of their requests for interviews or grant them any press passes. This economy is tough, and with 4.5 radio stations talking sports, the only ones that will survive are the ones with the best inside information on the Orioles and Ravens, and the stations that have enough money to weather the storm. CBS radio, WVIE (1370) and WBAL all have deep pockets. WNST has Brian Billick. I wonder how long is he going to continue to fund this Chapter 11 operation?

Jim from Hampstead said...

I've always thought Aparicio was a self centered a-hole. Now he's really proving it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the Casey firing, but Free the Birds was a great experience. There hasn't been that much energy at the yard from Orioles fans in 10 years, anybody that was there can attest to that.

Doug M said...

Nestor is a self-centered five foot prick. Without a doubt the most hated sports guys in the area. I have not tuned in since he started working the 2:00 - 6:00 slot. Not a huge Anita Marks fan, but would listen to her any day of the week over him. Hope Casey bounces back soon.

1570 - 1 = ZERO said...

For the life of me I don't know how Bob Haynie stays at WNST. The only thing I can think of that makes sense is that he enjoys his little comfort zone there and checks in and out as he pleases and it works for him. But can that comfort zone be that comfortable any more?

It's interesting that these guys at WNST have said little to nothing about the ton of negative PR directed their way. It's also interesting how they can beat up the Orioles for doing things that they do themselves.

Drew who is crybaby No. 2 over there as far as I'm concerned, ranted like a 5 year old who just had his lollipop taken away about the Orioles cutting Jeremy Guthrie's salary in a blog he titled: O’s have no “Guts”…Disgraceful treatment of their best pitcher.

I suppose they handled Willett's firing with grace, eh?

WNST = Watch Nestor's Sponsors Takeoff

And I hope they do!

They say they never stop talking Baltimore sports. It's more like they never stop whining like 2 year olds with a load in their Pampers.

Joe F said...

Casey, Ray and Bob were the only reasons I tuned in...I am now tuned out

Bridget Stacy said...

Nestor is nothing but a two-bit, name-dropping ass and always has been.

WNST Spam Victim said...

Well why not pour it on here. Besides the obvious mistake firing Casey I have to bitch about the WNST text alerts. My guess is that they are dying for traffic over there at because these text alerts while once decent are now pretty lame. Today I get one about Koji and his sore hamstring. Recently I've been receiving texts about stories written by other websites. WTF!

I thought this service was supposed to be about BREAKING NEWS from WNST.

They seem very desperate to me. Anyone know how to unsubscribe from their text service?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the text service, I unsubscribed after 3 months because of the useless headlines about other sports I didn't care about.

Text the word "STOP" to 68255 if you want to discontinue the WNST Text Service. I did. It wasn't worth the $.15 or $.20 per call I was paying to receive it.

Jerry B said...

Does anyone know why he was fired? There are always two sides to a story and it seems reasonable to withhold criticism until all the facts are known!

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 March 14th
...What else would you expect from a Classless ACT from DUNDALK? mom was born in Dundalk, but some people show their true colors when the chips are down. Lets hope that 105.7 hires Casey. I have met him many times on a casual basis at Training camp. A fine man and a terrific reporter.Sort of Aaron Wilson Jr?

Anonymous said...

I have heard through the grapevine that it was a financial move; WNST's advertising dollars are down and his role as a field reporter was the most expendable expense they had in running their operation.

My question is if the internet is the future, then why is their website so lousy? Except for Drew's blog, there is nobody over there that writes anything worth reading. The cheap "You Tube" videos are a waste of time and there is no breaking news. I wonder what the next cost cutting move will be?

Anonymous said...

I happen to like Nestor and I love WNST. I may even consider advertising there just to help out.

Tony, don't be such a d$ck.

The Professor said...

Hey Drew,

If you think Tony is such a d$ck, what do you call a boss who without warning fires a loyal employee with 5 kids who works his a$$ off for peanuts? Or how about one who ridicules homeless people? Or one who chokes other members of the media?

Look up d$ck in the dictionary and you will find your boss' picture there. If you aren't careful, your's might be placed just below his.

Funny I looked up douchebag and shameless self-promoting four-fingered a$$wipe and his picture was there too.

Go peddle that piece of sh^t website and station elsewhere Drew. You and the little bee-atch are going down.

Gilligan said...

After that post the Professor deserves Maryann, here on Gilligan's Isle...hahahahahahah

Wasey Cillett said...

I hope the box of tools at WNST (Bob Haynie excluded) sinks like a rock!