Monday, March 09, 2009

Darrius Heyward-Bey will NOT be the Ravens No. 1 pick!

If you are a big fan of Darrius Heyward-Bey (“DHB”) and you’d like to see him in a Ravens’ uniform next season, here’s a dose of reality for you – it ain’t happening!

No, I’m not suggesting that he will have been plucked from the board by a team selecting before the Ravens. What I am suggesting is that if DHB is still on the board at No. 26, the Ravens will pass on him faster than you can say Yamon Figurs.

And here’s why…

Based upon things that have been shared with me by team sources, the Ravens believe that their positioning in the draft forces them to think “double” or maybe “triple.” In other words, when selecting at the bottom of round 1, they can’t be thinking “home run.” They want a solid player who will contribute from day 1.

Therefore the measurables are not as important as durability, toughness, intelligence and productivity. Forty two catches in 12 games for DHB in ’08 isn’t too bad but I wouldn’t label it very productive. Twenty-six catches for 286 yards and 2 scores in 8 conference games isn’t a disaster but I wouldn’t call it first round worthy regardless of his time in the 40 yard dash and his ideal size.

I’m having a Vernon Davis flashback here…

Could DHB be a home run?


But he could also be a strikeout and when drafting that far down in Round 1, the Ravens can’t afford to miss. They will go with a sure thing regardless of need.

They did it with Ed Reed and he became a home run.

They did it with Todd Heap.

And they’ll do it again in 2009!


Ravcolt said...

Always go with protecting the QB or getting after the QB first. If unworthy of 26, trade down for more picks, unless their is a blue-chipper dying to get cawed.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried about the 1st rounder. The Ravens always seem to have the right logic with that pick. It's the 2nd-5th rounders that DeCosta and Ozzie have consistently messed up the last four years. Check out the Mar 9 feature article by Steve Hasler for more detail. Finally, Tony allows even a quasi-critical comment, even if it's indirect, on his buddy DeCosta to appear on the website

Anonymous said...

It's not like Jason Brown and Jared Gaither, and Leron McClain, and Dwan Landry, and Marshall Yanda, and Sam Koch, and Chris Chester, and Quinn Sypniewski, and Antwan Barnes and Demitrius Williams haven't show they can play. The Ravens have drafted far better than most teams. To say otherwise is hyper-critical. Do some research and find five teams that draft better.

Anonymous said...

geither may go down as one of best 5th round picks ever. starting left tackle. borderline pro bowler. where would team have been without he and koch and chester this season?

tony--don't worry. not everyone thinks you are biased.

Jerry B said...

Agree! In the final analysis, when it comes to the Ozzie we trust!