Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BLACKBIRD SINGING: CMac to Pittsburgh? Ravens to host "terrible" corner?

GIVE ME VENGEANCE, BLACK & GOLD…"CMac to the Steelers", so we’re told by WNST’s Drew Forrester. Sources close to 24x7 suggest that Chris McAlister made the comment in a Reisterstown, Maryland pub for all those within earshot to hear. McAlister expressed frustration about his release and in a vengeful kind of way suggested that what better way to get back at the Ravens than to wear the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers and play for the veteran minimum. One source claims that McAlister after being reminded that such a move would actually upset the fans more than the team, dissed the suggestion. That said, if CMac did don the black and gold, the Ravens should quickly sign Marvin Harrison, a player McAlister has always struggled with.

TICKING AWAY THE MOMENTS THAT MAKE UP A DULL DAY…If you are a NFL Draft aficionado and you look at Saturday April 25, 2009 as your own version of Christmas Day, well the opening of the presents will have to wait just a little longer. Word is that the draft’s start time will be moved from 3 PM (which by the way was moved last year from noon) to 4 PM EDT. The good news is that teams will have only 10 minutes to make up their minds when they are on the clock during round 1 (down from 15 minutes) and 7 minutes in round 2 (down from 10 minutes). Rounds 3-7 will be held on Sunday, April 26.

BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT…The Ravens are reportedly hosting a visit to Owings Mills today for Packers’ restricted free agent Jarrett Bush. When informed of Bush’s potential departure from The Pack (“TP”) emphatically replied, “It’s about f-ing time.” TP claims that, “Bush is, in a word - terrible.” The TP blogger goes on to write:

“Not only can he not cover an opposing receiver, but he consistently commits boneheaded penalties. Although he was the Packers’ second leading tackler on special teams (17) this past season, Bush also lead the unit in penalties committed (6).”

I’m wondering if Frank Walker put in a good word for Bush.

IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS, I’D BUY YOU A HOUSE…But it wouldn’t be Mike Vick’s house which is still available. The luxury crib in suburban Atlanta was up for auction and required a minimum bid of $3.2 million. Only two people showed up and neither had the prerequisite deposit of $160,000 to start the bidding. Go fish!


Jerry B said...

CMac to Pittsburgh? Sounds like a marriage made in heaven! They deserve each other.......

awalt said...

The Ravens could get Plaxico Burress too - he gave CMac fits