Saturday, March 28, 2009

After 25 years are you over the BALTIMORE Colts?

It was 25 years ago today when Bob Irsay, probably drenched in Beefeater and tonic, ordered the Mayflower vans to pack up his sorry excuse for a football franchise and move it to the land of Hoosiers, Mellencamp and race cars.

Twenty-five years is a long time and if you haven’t gotten over it by now, isn’t it about time?

I get that a drunk ripped out the hearts of many and robbed our city of a big part of its heritage while the league’s collective hands were tied. They stood by and did nothing.


For 12 seasons we were left without NFL football. The USFL and the CFL marched through Baltimore. Insincere owners dangled their franchises with the sole purpose of gaining leverage as part of an attempt to achieve a more desirable goal than moving to the Land of Pleasant Living.

We were force fed the colors of burgundy and gold and subjected to wretched Redskins games when they played pathetic cellar dwellers like the then St. Louis Cardinals.

It sucked!

But it’s over…long over.

We have our memories and pictures and books and all of the memorabilia that fuels reminiscing. Hopefully memory lane will suffice because the reality is that is all you will ever get when it comes to the Baltimore Colts.

It might help those who aren’t “over it” to get over it if the Baltimore Colts were properly displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A couple of years ago we started a petition to present to the Hall that as of this writing includes nearly 29,000 electronic signatures. Several messages that I have personally left for officers of the Hall have been ignored. We will continue to try to have our voice heard and your electronic signature on our petition can certainly help. You can sign it here at Colts Heritage.

That said, for me I am way over it. I didn’t realize just how over it I was until the Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl back in 2007. I didn’t care that they won and my apathy was clearly proof of that.

We have the Ravens now – the BALTIMORE Ravens.

No we don’t have the old name and colors and horseshoe and Irsay. Instead we have a new name and colors and a bird and Bisciotti. It’s a new era and together we are building a new heritage – Ravens Heritage.

This topic calls to mind an email I received from one of our site visitors during the first year of our inception. The gentlemen who sent the email shared that he and his Dad had a falling out and the two were estranged. Both dug their heels in the dirt and wouldn’t budge. Neither would accept blame as the days of silence between them turned to months and then years.

Upon hearing the news of Art Modell moving his Browns to Baltimore, the son bought two season tickets – one for himself, the other for his Dad. The son never called his Dad, he just mailed him the tickets.

During the inaugural game of the new Baltimore Ravens franchise, the son took his seat at Memorial Stadium unsure of his Dad’s attendance. Not long after taking his seat, the son’s father arrived.

A painful grudge that undermined the stability of a family was forgotten and a father and son relationship restored as a result of the Baltimore Ravens arrival.

Those who aren’t over the Baltimore Colts departure should take note.


Irsay Still Sucks said...

I am but many still are not. Time to let it go and focus on more positive things, you know?

Nice story about the Father/Son. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think it is okay to say "I'm over it" or "I'll never get over it". People grieve in different ways. Personally, I am over it, but I hate seeing the name and colors of our former team being worn in Indianapolis. In other words, I don't miss the franchise, but I do miss the colors and the name, which in my opinion should only be worn by a team in Baltimore. I love the Ravens and will forever be a fan, but the name and colors of "Colts" belong solely to Baltimore.

crabcake55 said...

No, and never will be, and it is quite ok.
I only discriminate against stupid steelers fans. Indy fans do not exist.

MarbleHost said...

Thanks for the information and thanks for the sharing