Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ray Lewis can't be a happy man

Ray Lewis must be furious. His blood must be boiling over after soaking in the first day of NFL Free Agency 2009.

Two teams other than the Ravens had been rumored to be interested in the services of the best linebacker ever to wear a NFL uniform, namely the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets. Yet neither came calling on Friday nor did anyone else for that matter.

The only deal on the table for Lewis to consider is the 3 year, $25 million deal that includes $17 million from the Ravens. That’s it.

Meanwhile Bart Scott lands $22 million in guaranteed cash; DeAngelo Hall gets $22.5 million; and Albert Haynesworth scores the mother load with $41 million sure to come his way even if he only practices one day with the Washington Redskins.

Many would argue that the Ravens offer is more than fair for Lewis – count me among them. Check that, count me among those who think that $17 million is actually a tad on the high side of fair for a player who is really no more than a two down linebacker. One Ravens source when describing Lewis’ play on passing downs said recently, “Ray couldn’t cover a dead man with a blanket.”


Yet Lewis thinks that he’s the player he was back in 2000 and pride prevents him from getting off the field on third down. He has convinced himself that he has the ability to do what no other soon to be 34 year old NFL player before has done – give Father Time the slip. He believes that he is still among the game’s elite players and should be paid accordingly and he fired agents Roosevelt Barnes and Eugene Parker and hired David Dunn to make sure that he gets what in his mind is rightly his.

No one ever accused Ray Lewis of being a realist.

And sometimes reality bites.

Eventually Lewis will get up, brush off the anguish of a severely bruised ego and take out his vengeance on some unsuspecting running back while wearing the same colors he’s worn throughout his NFL career. He’ll set out to prove his naysayers wrong and that determination could benefit the Ravens.

By the way, what exactly has David Dunn done for Ray Lewis to earn his fee?

That said, Lewis has only himself to blame for this lesson in What Not to do In Public Relations 101.


Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 March 1st
... I am saddened by the obvious, that Ray has no takers. He and his agent have dissed the Baltimore Ravens and its Fans by earlier comments. To have them come crawling back to accept, a measly $24 million dollars must be hard for them to Swallow.!
....Notice to RAY..there isn't one of us who sits in our PSL $$ seats every Sunday who wouldn't JUMP at the Chance for that kind of money.
...Ray, when you come back: After this will never be the same. No Dancing...just shut up and Play football!

Anonymous said...

After letting Jason Brown walk for a lousy 1.5 million dollars, does it really matter what the hell happens with Ray Lewis?

Harryos29 said...

Harry Os 29 March 2nd
...Much to his dismay, Ray has had the proverbial FRYING pan of Reality hit him square between the eyes.
..Having read Mike Prestons article about Samari ROLLE today. My heart goes out to ROLLE. He is a good decent man and was a fine player in his day. He, like Mc Alister is, NOW done with the Ravens!
...Again..NEXT MAN UP!
I agree with Anonymous..What are they thinking? They spent $30 Millon on a FRANCHISE QB,and now will not spend to protect him? This makes no sense to me. But what do I know...I'm just a fan.

Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short, Harry. One doesn't have to be a GM to know that one of the most basic fundamentals of football that's been valid since the early days (i.e. that it all begins in the trenches) is still valid today.

With regard to what the Ravens will do with Ray...they SHOULD pull the original offer and play hard ball -- including removing Ray's perks that put him in a different category of other players, perpetuating a divided locker room wehre the inmates run the asylum -- but in all likelihood they won't. (demonstrating yet again that the whole "right player right price" is NOT always operational at 1 Winning Way).

RayLou said...

TL, you have been on this from day 1 when all of the Anita Markses, Bruce Cunninghams, Jerry Colemans and Adam Schefters of the world had Ray's bags packed.

Between you and Aaron Wilson, I know where to go to be "informed."

Anonymous said...

Ray might be back, but unlike the current spin begin put out there by Preston, things will definitely NOT be the same as they were before. It might not play out the same way it did with Eddie Murray way back when, but there will never be the same connection and support for Lewis that there had been before.