Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Peppers & Suggs together in lieu of Lewis & Scott?

Suggs and Bart Scott have hinted that they would be willing to extend a hometown discount to stay together. Clearly that’s easier said than done. What exactly does a hometown discount equate to and even with such discounts can the Ravens absorb new contracts for Suggs, Scott and Lewis comfortably within the not so cozy confines of the projected $123 million salary cap?

Consider this – what if the Ravens pass on both Lewis and Scott, go with some younger players at linebacker and use the money to acquire someone like Julius Peppers or Nnamdi Asomugha if either hits the free agent market? How imposing would the Ravens pass rush be if Peppers wore purple? How tight would the secondary be with the league’s best shut down corner (Asomugha) paired with a healthy Ed Reed? Might either of these scenarios be better than keeping Ray or Bart?

These are tough questions that will need to be addressed and the guess here is that the answers will be heavily influenced by Bisciotti’s goal of keeping windows of opportunity open.

Nothing is etched in stone but from what I’m hearing, the team seems confident that Suggs is going nowhere and they may be preparing to overspend in order to lock up the 25 year old Pro Bowler for seven years or so. Confidence isn’t as high regarding Jason Brown. While the Ravens clearly want Brown back word is he wants to be paid like a premier center. The team doesn’t want to disrupt the continuity of the offensive line but at the same time there appears to be a sizeable gap between the value the Ravens place on Brown and that which Brown’s handlers believe is fair. Don’t be shocked if the Ravens’ franchise player in 2009 is Jason Brown.


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 FEB 5th
...I say...Let Ray Ray go and Sign Peppers and Nnamdi Asomugha, if he is out there. Your Secondary is only as good as your PASS RUSH IMHO. Does anybody Remember the GOOSE: ADAMS and MC CREARY and ROB BURNETT? I do! Sure we had CMAC and Woodson, but they made Starks better as well.
....Save some Cap money for the Wide Receiver this team despertately needs. DID ANYBODY watch the Superbowl? Fast Shifty Wide Receivers is where its AT.
... Don't think that OZZIE is asleep at the Switch: Just take a look at the IR and the Linebackers he has Stock Piled. Tavaris Jackson was hurt early, but is supposed to be Rays Replacement..RIGHT? The other line backers like JAMEEL MC CLAIN (you can't have enough Mc Clains)... impressed me with his quickness causing 2 safeties. I think we have line backer Depth.
...Lets put some Money in the OFFENSEfor a change. Can you imagine How Effective Joe Flacco could be, if he had a Target similar to Fitzgerald or Holmes.
Ok OZZIE...time to load up on the OFFENSIVE side of the ball for a CHANGE,,,,CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE in...(sorry Tony. I had to do it)