Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's time for some "nasty" accountability

“Nasty” Nestor Aparicio is a pretty interesting guy and opinions of him range from a self-made entrepreneur to a self-serving little man with a Napoleonic Complex and a knack for keeping either his name or the letters of his radio station (WNST) in the news. This week in Tampa was no exception when he allegedly put a stranglehold on Gordon Keith (pictured to left) from Dallas’ 1310 The Ticket. More on that in a bit…

Clearly Aparicio is an inviting target with his obsolete hairdo, his “Testosteroni” tonal inflections to make himself sound bigger than he is and his “chic” but dated Miami Vice attire that screams Sonny Crockett wannabe. Cheap publicity stunts like Free the Birds (Parts I, II and a possible III), his run-ins with the Orioles, his attacks on his former employer (The Sun) and damning editorials on homelessness in Baltimore help make the bulls eye on his back even that much more tempting.

Recently he’s lost the on-air talents of Rob Long, Aaron Wilson and Bruce “I love ya madly” Cunningham and he is now forced to compete with new competition – the all sports formats of 50,000 watt stations Fox 1370 AM and 105.7 The Fan on the FM dial. Mix in a very difficult economy that has many companies slashing advertising budgets and suddenly Baltimore has more radio advertisers battling for far fewer advertising dollars.

To make matters worse Aparicio has to get it done with a signal that boosts 5,000 watts when the sun is up and 750 watts when the sun goes down. The station that once promoted itself as the one “with balls” suddenly has theirs between a vice (not Miami). To help save what appears to be a sinking ship, Aparicio has assumed the 2-6PM daily slot recently vacated by Long who is now on Fox 1370.

To be fair when he brings his “A” game, Aparicio is as good as any in the business while sitting in the chair of sports talking head. He is intelligent, articulate, informed, prepared and quick on his feet. I would even go so far to say that when he brings it, he’s the best on the B’more airwaves.

Unfortunately time and time again, he can’t get out of his own way. He can’t help but make the show about himself or to play the victim when he discusses the Orioles and when either happens his audience is lost particularly now with so many options on the radio dial. It’s as though Aparicio wakes up in the morning wondering who is out to get him on that particular day. His overly combative behavior suggests exactly that.

And it got him into a bit of trouble this week in Tampa.

Now to set the stage in Tampa, these clowns on 1310 The Ticket are a bit like Eddie Haskell. They want you to believe that their intentions to end a long standing feud with Aparicio are sincere but you get the feeling that their true objective was just to get under Aparicio’s skin.

Mission accomplished…

Before Super Bowl XLII, Gordon tried to make amends with Aparicio but that exchange allegedly ended with a gross anti-Semitic remark from Aparicio. This year Gordon again attempted to be the peacemaker yet peace was hardly the result. Aparicio allegedly choked Gordon and in the process embarrassed himself (we think), his station and its remaining employees. (Video of altercation here)

In a highly volatile economic climate that challenges all companies in the media business to preserve its customer base with prudent, practical, focused and conservative behavior Aparicio’s was anything but that. His juvenile actions will now force companies to rethink their spending with WNST and if that happens, it might force his on-air personnel to rethink their futures with the station.

Like Aparicio’s partner Brian Billick always preached while the skipper of the Baltimore Ravens, we all must have accountability. It will be interesting to see what Aparicio does once the dust of Super Bowl XLIII settles. Will he be accountable or will he again play the role of victim, put on the spin and redirect blame?

If Aparicio does hit the spin cycle, maybe partner Billick will start his own campaign – FREE WNST!


Anonymous said...

I am mostly in agreement. No way for a "public figure", business owner, etc to act.

But 2 quick things that are a little overblown:

#1 Choking? I've watched the video (can't see anything). If this is choking, it's the quickest choke in history. Physical altercation: yeah, Choking/Assault: not quite

#2 1370 50,000 Watts?? Hahahah. I don't think so. Regardless of what the press release/website says, anyone with ears knows that 50,000 number is pure hype. Maybe they run at 50k for 1 hour a day, but they aren't fooling anyone

Rico Tubbs said...



More free pub for 4 1/2 fingers

Oh, you left out that no-so-Nasty wears lifts in his shoes and he's still 5'7".

Rich Cranium said...

Nestor has been good for Baltimore and I don't even think that Tony would argue that. He hints at it with the few complimentary things he does write about Nestor.

But I also think he brings up some good points. For some reason, Nestor is a little insecure and I think that explains some of his actions.

What shocked me a bit is his pompousness towards homeless people. That was pretty appalling and he and his wife having distasteful names to describe those people is pretty heartless.

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Feb 2nd
On Nestor.. Like Peter Angeolos once said "He is an insignificant person".. nuff said? However, I still like Bob Hayne a lot. When Bob leaves..the station will be BYE BYE!
............................Lets hope that; Biscoitti and Ozzie saw the Superbowl performances of the likes of LARRY FITZGERALD, Santonio Holmes and Anquan Boldin...I hope they GET the PICTURE..? we need that Kind of Offensive fire power to Defeat the Steelers!

Glen Burnie said...

Just reading your piece on the Nasty One. I'm very conflicted when it comes to Nestor and his station. On one hand, WNST has been a Baltimore life line to me ever since I started working in DC. All the local stations there are all-Skin (and all DC) all the time and when I found that 'NST was streaming it was like I was in Glen Burnie. I enjoyed walking into my cube at 6 AM and, after everything powered up, listening to the like of Drew, Bob, and Rob all day. On the other hand.......

I am totally and completely fed up with their anti-Oriole screed, lead by Drew Forrester and Nestor. When Drew goes off during his show, his shows goes off streaming. I can't take it anymore. And then Forrester screams at callers who disagree with him. It damned near drove me to 980 until 1370 went live.

I've thought a lot about it and it's obvious that the Orioles consider NST irrelevant (of course, you could say that about any station that's not the Right's Holder - a time-honored Angelos tradition) and THAT'S what drives Nestor and Drew nuts. The Birds know NST has no influence in the sports community and they treat them accordingly. All their gimmicks and protests and stunts remind me of indigenous populations shooting blow darts at helicopters. .

Angelos and Co. can't be worried about swatting flies - or gnats in this case.

Anyway, with the Ravens season over and spring training 2 weeks away, I'm sure Drew and Nestor are sharpening up their vocal blades to take on the Warehouse -again. But this year I could care less. As soon as Forrester starts screaming, I just move to 1370 and wait for R-O-B.

I say this at the expense of Bob Haynie, whom I consider to be the most rational voice on that station. Bob is informative, reasoned, cogent, and friendly on the air. He can, and frequently does, talk to any sports topic. He's my favorite. He could work at any station and I'm waiting for some other mouthpiece in town to pick him up and then I can take 1570 off all my radios for good. 105.7 would be a nice choice in place of the Blonde One. (I won't give up). Another option is the Noon to 3 slot on 1370. I personally like Jim Rome even though I admit he is an acquired taste. Haynie for Rome - a nice trade off.

Finally, I'm surprised about this dust-up in Tampa and the allegations of an Anti-Semitic remark. I read Ray Frager's blog today and he came right and said he's Jewish and never had a problem with Nestor. But when you get tuned up you never know what's going to come out of one's mouth. Nestor gets tuned up a lot.

You're also right about Aparicio and his ego. He has a Napoleonic complex the size of Elba. Being small myself, it's very easy for me to pick up. Generally I think those types are a-holes and can't take being of small stature. I know it and they know it.

Tony, as you see, I could write a whole column on this issue, as well as what on other stations piss me off. Like Jerry Coleman's sound effects. But don't get me started.......

I'm glad I left it to you to write a balanced piece on this Baltimoron. And having worked for Nestor, I'm sure you know a lot more than you're letting on.

Josh S said...

Thank you for your most recent column on your website. Hopefully Nestor will see that and other articles being written about him, and make an on-air apology. He is far too narcissistic to do that, but maybe he will realize that an ugly incident like this calls for contrition.

John from Overlea said...

Well Tony, what else is in that crystal ball of yours? As I'm sure you know now Casey Wilet was let go by Nestor. Who's next? Who's left?

Hayne should ask for a raise. If he walks that leaves Nestor and Drew and his head is so far up Nestor's a$$ its pathetic. If Hayne walks so will some sponsors.

I don't know if NST can survive. Seems to me that they want to be a web company only anyway and their site sucks

Nestor is a douche bag said...

I just read the link to the homelessness article above and after doing so, his backstabbbing of Casey Willet is hardly a surprise.

That A-hole talks about loyalty and the only thing he is loyal to is the man in the mirror.

What a scumbag!

I take that back, it's demeaning to scumbags.

Anita Marks said...

Nestor is a heartless Richard Head. Nobody asked me but if he was going to do some cutting of personnel then he could have whacked that mush mouth Ray Bachman. That guy murders the English language.

Anonymous said...

That's it for me!! I will not be listening to WNST anymore. I will not visit their website, which in my opinion has completely gone downhill since their last revision. Lastly, I will not support ANY sponsor who advertises with WNST in any way shape or form. I vote with my wallet!!

The Swami said...

A couple of years ago Nestor fired Rob Long and only brought him back because sponsors threatened to leave.

Hopefully sponsors step up and step out because of Casey's firing. And then I hope 9 fingers is forced to kiss Casey's ass and beg him to come back. And then Casey says, "stick it!"

If Haynie leaves the place will crumble. I call that leverage and I hope Haynie uses it and holds the douche bag over a barrel.