Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Incompetency has its rewards...just ask Bud Selig

Ok so let me get this straight…the commissioner of a sport that the youth of this country labels as “boring”; a sport whose games are way too long and arguably the season as well; a sport that is so unbalanced and is severely contaminated by steroid allegations and abuse – that guy, that commissioner, Bud Selig gets a raise to$18.3 million annually?

On the heels of that raise, Mr. Selig makes asinine statements about suspending a player for what he did years ago (Alex Rodriquez) meanwhile, there are over 100 other players who also reportedly tested positive for steroids yet their names won’t be released. Oh and for good measure Selig has threatened to restore Hank Aaron’s home run record – the same Hank Aaron who is chummy with The Commish from their mutual Milwaukee ties.

I guess incompetency has its rewards…

Now in the NFL, they are a little smarter. You see Roger Goodell, exhibiting some sensitivity to the economic woes of our nation has decided to freeze his salary for 2009 and to take cuts in eligible bonuses that could add up to over $2 million according to most reports.

Comparatively speaking, Goodell ranks second in compensation among the commissioners of the major professional sports. Obviously Selig ranks first (a salary on steroids if you ask me). According to SportsBusiness Journal, Goodell is followed by the NBA’s David Stern (an estimated $10 million), the NHL’s Gary Bettman ($5.59 million) and the PGA Tour’s Tim Finchem ($4.8 million).

Nice PR move there Roger, relatively speaking but I really want to know is how you can possibly live now on that frozen $11 million salary for 2009?

And these owners have the stones to increase ticket prices…


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 FEB 18th
..IMHO..Bud Selig is a bigger buffoon than the CEO's from the Car companies who FLEW into DC on Gulfstream jets to beg Congress for money.
Bud .. along with lots of those CEO's should all be sent Packing.. Oh let me add a list of Congressmen too ..who are the biggest Hypocrites of them all... what a great world we live in???