Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey Kyle your heels together and repeat, "There's no place like home."

Kyle Boller’s name has been linked to the New York Jets as a possible solution for their job opening at quarterback. Sorry but I just don’t see it. Haven’t Rex Ryan and Jets new quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh seen enough of Boller already? And could you see the New York media with Boller? Not exactly a match made in heaven.

Many will say that Boller has all the tools to be successful and what he really needs is a change of scenery. That might be half right – a change of scenery could do Boller some good if the fit is right but let’s not be overly gratuitous with Boller’s skills. On the good side, he’s a great teammate who exhibits toughness and he has a decent amount of game experience. On the downside, he’s erratic, can’t throw deep passes accurately while not on his knees, has very little huddle presence and he reacts to pressure the way a vampire responds to sunlight.

Boller could have a long career in the NFL if he willingly embraces the role of a back up. And why not do that in Baltimore, a place he’s familiar with and a team that has fundamentally sound coaches in Cam Cameron and Hue Jackson? The fit seems about right for Boller but clearly he’ll have to take a haircut on that $3 million salary if he wants to stay.

Photo by Sabina Moran


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Feb 18th
... Tony you may have the best idea yet. Kyle is clearly better than Troy Smith..and he has more Experience. I heard rumors back in training camp that Harbaugh was not a big Troy Smith fan? No way to substantiate that one...but anything is Possible. Who knows.. KYLE could be the next MATT CASSEL with some good coaching. Hear that Mr Billick?

Anonymous said...


I have been saying this since his injury last year. Don't be surprised if Kyle Boller comes back and here are my reasons for it:

1) The organization REALLY likes Kyle more than you'll ever know. He is a total TEAM player and he travelled to all of the playoff games last year and cheered on the sidelines. The feeling is mutual with Kyle.

2) Troy Smith fancies himself as a starting QB and desperately wants a chance to prove himself. He feels his Heisman Trophy entitles him to that opportunity. He will never be satisfied sitting behind Joe Flacco, whereas, Kyle Boller is mature enough to accept that role and not complain about it. Don't be surprised if Troy doesn't ask for a trade or a release. He definitely will not be back after this year.

3) The "Suggs" package of trickery, which worked in the beginning and not so much at the end of the year was done primarily to satisfy Troy Smith's desire to play. Once Smith leaves, the Suggs package will disappear.

4) Kyle Boller still has some upside. We really don't know how he would perform under a Cam Cameron offense. The Ravens did not have one decent QB under Brian Billick and Kyle had too many voices in his year over the past 5 years. I think Hue Jackson's mentoring would benefit Kyle immensely.

With so many teams needing QBs, I wouldn't be surprised if another team may offer Kyle an opportunity to be a starting QB. However, if that doesn't prove to be a possibility, then I think Baltimore would be his team of choice. Lastly, I am tired of some fans constantly blasting Kyle Boller for his past QB play. The man has showed nothing but class and loyalty to his teammates and this city. He deserves a opportunity to return to a team, and with his experience as a starter, will serve him well as a backup QB. These days, you need a decent backup in the NFL, due to injuries.