Sunday, February 01, 2009

Baltimore Ravens: Top 10 Plays of 2008

Without a doubt the Ravens’ 2008 season exceeded everyone’s expectations. The players might tell you now that they believed in the team’s ability and its potential to knock on the Super Bowl door. Yet I’m sure if they were really pressed, each of those players inside the Ravens locker room would admit that on the heels of a rather bleak preseason they like the rest of us and no idea what was in store.

The season was filled with surprises. A previously uninspired Jared Gaither found inspiration and made us all forget about Jonathan Ogden; Le’Ron McClain had 8 carries for 18 yards in 2007 yet led the team in rushing in ’08 with 902 yards; Jim Leonhard seemed like a long shot to make the team during the summer but proved to be a playmaker in the fall and into the winter; Ed Reed’s career was in peril due to a neck and shoulder nerve impingement yet he performed at times like Superman; Joe Flacco grew before our very eyes. The list goes on.

The surprises brought excitement and exhilaration and those emotions also characterize the season’s top 10 Ravens’ plays. In our list we consider those emotions plus the relative importance the plays had on the game in which they occurred or even more importantly the impact that the plays had on the success of this amazing season – this scintillating ride.

With that in mind SNAP IT HERE for our list of the Top 10 Ravens' Plays (plus honorable mentions) accompanied by videos.