Monday, January 26, 2009

Say goodbye to Jim Leonhard?

This won’t go over well with Ravens fans but Jim Leonhard in my estimation is as good as gone. He stepped up when it counted the most and the entire country was on hand to see via nationally televised games during the post season. Someone will overpay for Leonhard and what they will get is a hard working player who is a great teammate, pushes his physical abilities to the edge and has a nose for the football.

Of course the Ravens would love to keep him but in my opinion he will ultimately fail Ozzie Newsome’s acid test of “right player, right price.” Clearly he’s the right player for the Ravens. But his asking price will probably persuade Ozzie to look towards the next men up and Dawan Landry aside, it’s difficult for even the most staunch advocate of Leonhard to conclude that neither Tom Zbikowski nor Haruki Nakamura aren’t capable of giving John Harbaugh in ’09 what Leonhard provided during the ’08 season.


ravcolt said...

There may never be a better example for right player, right price than Jim Leonhard. If the Ravens let him go then its because the front office is not doing its job correctly. Who else will give you a better bang for the buck?