Friday, January 16, 2009

Ravens' odds & ends...or is that ends and odds?

Steelers’ S Troy Polamalu is struggling with a calf injury and was held out of practice on Wednesday. Polamalu looked out of position at times against the Chargers and is susceptible to play action. Look for Cam Cameron to put that tendency and Polamalu’s calf to the test…Cameron should also look to exploit the Steelers’ corners Ike Taylor and Bryant McFadden. Both were beaten deep by the Chargers’ Vincent Jackson. Taylor was torched for the game’s first score on the Chargers first possession and McFadden was beaten badly but Lady Luck was on his side when Philip Rivers overthrew the wide open Jackson…

Jason Brown is finally gaining some favorable national press. Pete Prisco from CBS Sportsline wrote recently that “the Ravens are almost resigned to the fact [Brown] won't be back next year.” If Brown gets away because the asking price is too high for Ozzie Newsome’s liking, Ozzie needs only to look in the mirror if he wants to assign blame for the blunder. The Ravens have said repeatedly over the past couple of seasons that they want to build the league’s best offensive line. That goal becomes even more important given their investment in Joe Flacco. Ozzie has had chances last year and earlier this season to get a deal done with Brown. Now that Brown is on the doorstep of free agency after a successful season as the leader of a surprisingly efficient offensive line, the asking price will expand significantly. Here’s something else to consider on the Brown front as the Ravens maximize the available salary cap. Bart Scott is represented by the same agent as Brown – Harold Lewis…The Mayor of Pittsburgh is named Luke Ravenstahl (pronounced Raven-Stall). For this week the honorable mayor has changed his name to Steelerstahl. Hopefully his new name will describe the Steelers’ offense on Sunday...That odd number on defense (84) that you will likely see more of on Sunday is Edgar Jones. Jones showed some promise during training camp and the preseason in '07 as an end but has been seen since at both tight end and DE, hence the offensive number. Hey, think that might confuse Big Ben?...The Ravens are now listed as a 6 point underdog with 31% of the betting public taking the points. If the Ravens want to make it to Tampa as more than just a spectator, they'll need to replace the Wacko for Flacco mantra with "Let Joe go!" It's time to release the reins Cam!


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Jan 16th
..I just returned from the mountains of PA.. not far from the Steel city.
This morning the Temp was -3 at 8 am and the wind chill factor...was...well you don't want to know.
I agree with TONY..the only way the Ravens can win this game is to UNLEASH JOE FLACCO. He is becoming one of the leagues best Deep passers according to MERRILL HODGE of ESPN. I agree with MERRILL.. and I hope that CAMERON does too. I love being an underdog in this game... and once again the "WORLD" is betting against Baltimore. Haven't we been here before? GO Ravens!

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Jan 18th 2:10 pm
Chris Berman picked the Ravens 16-15... is that a good omen or a bad one?
Rave on

Anonymous said...

Too bad

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bad omen, well, it actually was a bad omen, the Steelers are going to their 7th Super Bowl and Ray Lewis is probably going to retire.

Anonymous said...

Ravens offensive scheme was horrible against the Steelers - too many deep balls and not enough under routes and comebacks - which they were giving!!! Two clouds of dust, a bomb and a punt - sickening!

Don't spread the defense and keep them off balance they start teeing off your players!

Raven's defense was phenomenal considering they were on field all day.

Can't blame this on Joe - there isn't a QB in the league going to succeed with that crap passing scheme.

Anonymous said...

Tough loss. But to still be in the game, only down 16-14, with the ball, late in the 4th quarter, isn't as bad as it could have been, considering the less than stellar game planning/calling by Cam Cameron. Add in the fact that Rex Ryan decided not to blitz on 2nd and 24 (sometimes it seems that he just never learns), and we were really fighting an uphill battle all night long. Major props, however, to the Ravens for a great, exciting year.