Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ravens get no respect

Ravens fans and even Ravens’ players to some extent are card carrying members of the Rodney “I Get no Respect” Dangerfield fan club. Turn on SportsCenter and you see few Ravens highlights. Listen to the former Pro Bowl quarterbacks gone TV analysts (Young, Esiason, Simms, Marino) and the looks on their faces when they describe the Ravens is like that of a toddler just after Grandmom plants a wet one on them.

This is nothing new for Ravens fans or their team and it really isn’t hard to understand. A couple of season ago I wrote a column called Sex Sells. Nothing has changed since then. Highlight shows and fantasy football and statistical banter are generally geared towards offense. And as for now, the Ravens still win with defense.

To make matters worse after experiencing a beat down courtesy of Rex Ryan’s gang, you typically hear Ravens’ opponents gripe about not playing their game and the tone is more on line with them losing the game versus the Ravens winning it. To a certain extent, yesterday’s beat down was no different.

''This really wasn't our style,'' linebacker Akin Ayodele said. ``We win games in the fourth quarter. We don't turn the ball over. We come up with big plays. And that didn't happen.''

The Ravens didn’t win, the Dolphins just lost.

At least Dolphins’ CB Andre Goodman gets it…

“[The loss] felt damn near embarrassing, for one. We were in our backyard, and we felt like we got dominated. Right now it just feels too disappointing.''

The Ravens have a knack for getting opponents off their game and then playing theirs. And like most carnivores they strike quickly once they recognize their opponent has weakened they go for the kill while reducing opponents to lamb-like status. They become sharks in bloody water.

Keep on playing with that chip fellas, it fits and does you well.

It's us against the world!

More on that later...


Anonymous said...

The "us against the world" worked in 2000/2001. I can feel it starting to work again in 2008/2009. And while I've had issues with Cameron, Ryan, and Rosburg, I have no doubt that Harbaugh has the guys stoked each and every time they take the field.

Anonymous said...

The Ravens and Steeler match up is going to bring the sexy swagger of strong D on display.

All 3 top ranked D made it to championship weekend, and AZ started plsying like a top 5 D.