Monday, January 26, 2009

Kokinis already torn about new post with Browns?

Should I stay or should I go now? It would surprise no one if that classic from The Clash echoed through the cerebral cortex of former Ravens’ Director of Pro Personnel, George Kokinis. He is now entering the Twilight Zone of the NFL – the capital of Disorganized Chaos, the Mecca of Staph Infection, aka the front office of the Cleveland Browns.

Word is that Kokinis had second, third, fourth thoughts and more about the job and despite his friendship with new Browns’ Head Coach Eric Mangini, he wanted to back out but thought that his little tap dance had gone on a little too long. Kokinis wisely concluded that to bail now would hurt his career as an NFL executive down the road.

Good luck George and watch out for flying beer bottles from those always pleasant Browns’ fans.


Anonymous said...


It has been proven time and time again that anyone who has left the Ravens organization for a job with the Cleveland Browns,has resulted in total career disaster.

Look at some of the Ravens players, Jamal Lewis, Gary Baxter, the punter Zastidil, etc. Ask Bart Scott if staying with the Ravens was the best move of his life.

Phil Savage, who once was the prince of the Ravens front office and heir apparant to Ozzie Newsome, found himself embroiled in all kinds of media scandel, disagreements with the head coach,and showdown with the team President in his first year with the club. His entire tenure was nothing but a ongoing soap opera. Unfortunately, the failures of the team caught up with him, and he was recently fired.

It never ceases to amaze me why these front office types can't see the mistakes of those who left before them. Frankly, if I worked for the Ravens, I would wait my turn, as Ozzie will eventually retire. Scott Pioli of New England had one interview with Randy Lerner and was never heard from again, as far as the Browns were concerned. What organization makes the coach the leader of the organization and the GM the water boy? Kokinis is a GM in name only. Mangini is running the show.

If George Kokinis had second thoughts about the job, he should have stayed put where he was. He will learn, but it will be too late, that he made the biggest mistake of his life, accepting a position with the Cleveland Browns. By the way, they are one of a few teams that has never made one Super Bowl appearance. What makes him think he can make a difference, when he isn't in charge? Responsibility without authority does not work in business.

One last thought: If you are having a bad day and want some good laughs, go to the Cleveland message board "The Watercooler" at and read what the Cleveland fans have to say. It will make you ever grateful to be a Ravens fan.