Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have we seen the last of Terrell Suggs in Baltimore?

Will Terrell Suggs’ play against the Pittsburgh Steelers in this weekend’s AFC Championship game? That’s probably the most asked and pondered question in town this week. After the game in Nashville one Ravens’ insider shared that he was more concerned about Samari Rolle than Terrell Suggs. Perhaps that had something to do with Suggs’ reassurances after the game that he would play in Pittsburgh. Or maybe said insider was more concerned about remaining depth in the secondary versus that at linebacker.

"The only way I wouldn't be there is if I didn't have air in my lungs”, Suggs exclaimed confidently. “I'm playing. It's nothing. What did I tell y'all? I don't even feel it now."

Later we learned that Suggs’ shoulder popped out of its socket. Some believe that the Pro Bowler could play if dressed up with a special harness. The thought conjures up memories of a one-armed Peter Boulware gallantly fighting through double teams.

This looks more and more like a game time decision but here are a few things to consider…

Might Suggs’ agent remind him that he has no contract in ’09 and suggest that he sit it out? He could but there’s danger either way. If Suggs plays and the injury worsens and requires surgery, might that then limit his marketability? What if he doesn’t play and the Ravens win anyway. Might that weaken his bargaining power with the Ravens come February?

And here's a daunting question: Might we have seen the last of Suggs in a Ravens' uniform?

Suggs’ absence for most of the game against the Titans left the Ravens defense scrambling a bit. Word is that they had a limited number of plays and formations to lean on when Suggs left because those who subbed for Suggs were less capable of dropping off into coverage, less familiar with the multiple assignments or both. That may explain in part why Kerry Collins moved the Titans’ offense more efficiently than expected and it might help to explain why Collins had enough time to read War & Peace when he dropped back to pass.


Casey W said...

Why all the negative blogs this week?.....You'd think we were 5-13 instead of 13-5. give it a rest...Pretty or not, we beat the #1 seed in the AFC last week and the last time I checked, the team we beat 13-10 last week beat the team we are playing this week 31-14 not long ago...You are reminding me of Preston.

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Jan 16th
Wow.. Tony is not getting much love this week. I know Tony on a personal basis and must Defend Tony on this one.
Tony is just being a realist. Tony after the Ravens win Sunday. the PIES are on me at JAMAL JAMAL on Eastern Avenue......Go Ravens