Friday, January 02, 2009

Dolphins' blogger feeling the heat?

Interesting tidbit provided this week by The Sun’s Ray Frager…

“Pittsburgh had the NFL markets' highest rating Sunday, with 43.2 percent of the audience. Keep in mind this was for a game, though against the rival
Cleveland Browns, the outcome of which was meaningless, yet Pittsburgh out-rated cities whose teams were playing for playoff berths, including San Diego (37.4), Minneapolis (34.7) and, yes, Baltimore (33.3).”

I’m wondering what the other 66.6% of Baltimoreans were doing or watching? Speaking from experience, they may have been boxed in by traffic on I-95 North between O’Donnell Street and White Marsh…

This week AOL’s The Fanhouse reached out to get our thoughts on Sunday’s game. Here’s what they asked and how I responded along with Brian Miller from a Dolphins’ fan site called PhinPhantatic. Obviously Brian’s brain is a victim of South Florida heat stroke…

From AOL…

As we get ready for the Wildcard Weekend matchup of the Dolphins and Ravens, Brian Miller from
PhinPhanatic and Tony Lombardi from ProFootball24x7 were nice enough to offer some insights on their teams for this week's Behind Enemy Lines feature.

Sportz Assassin: How do both of you feel about how your teams are playing heading into the playoffs?

Brian Miller (PhinPhanatic): I like the fact that no one is giving us any real credit for getting there. Jim Mora says on air that the best AFC East team is New England and there has been little "props" for winning the division as most of the kudos surrounds simply the turnaround. The Ravens are 3 point favorites in this game and the Phins are getting tired of feeling second rate.

Tony Lomabardi (ProFootball24x7)(ah excuse hard is it to spell Lombardi?): The Ravens are really beginning to gel in
Cam Cameron's offense and now they are getting contributions from Mark Clayton and Willis McGahee. Joe Flacco has come on strong since the last meeting with the Dolphins and has the third highest road QB rating among NFL quarterbacks. And of course the team's defense is always dependable. The Ravens could be a dangerous post season participant.

More here…


Anonymous said...

Give 'em heck, Toni Lamobeardi.


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Jan 2, 2009
GEE its 2009.. where did 2008 go so fast? Most likely the Ravens most rewarding season from this fans standpoint
I think we have two teams here (Dolphins and Ravens) who have gotten little Respect this year. It was good to see JOE FLACCO's picture on the front page of the USATODAY.
We are used to getting no respect. Lets just win the next 4 games and respect will come our way.

Billy said...

What's my name!

Go ravens!

What's my name?