Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yamon figures to be on the outside looking in

It’s clear that the Ravens have very little depth at the wide receiver position. The third receiver on the team’s depth chart at the moment is Marcus Smith. Smith looks rather clueless on the field yet they will need him to step up given the shoulder ailment of Derrick Mason. Mason will undoubtedly tough it out and give the team all he has but despite his warrior-like mentality and willingness to sacrifice for the team, Mason will spend time on the sidelines mending during the game or games ahead and that means Cam Cameron’s offense will need at least marginal productivity from a less than impressive backup group of receivers that in addition to Smith includes Yamon Figurs, Marcus Maxwell and Terrence Copper.

Figurs perhaps more than the other backup receivers has been a big disappointment. Outside of one TD catch against the Texans, the second year WR/KR has done next to nothing in a limited offensive role and his most memorable contributions are as a gunner on punt teams. Moreover he has been very timid as a return specialist and seems more likely to cough up a fumble than provide a game changing return. He has hardly been the Ravens’ answer to Devin Hester that the team’s front office expected. Figurs’ performance has inspired many to beg for a replacement and the most popular candidate is Jim Leonhard particularly when his success as a punt returner is taken into consideration. But don’t look for the Ravens to cave in to the clamoring for Leonhard. The responsibilities of playing safety and returning punts is physically demanding enough particularly at this late juncture in the season. Special teams coach Jerry Rosburgh could turn instead to Mark Clayton or possibly Tom Zbikowski.


Anonymous said...

1. Jalen Parmele is another option.

2. I'd love to know what in the world is -- or is not -- going on with Ernie Wheelwright. The guy is 6'5", 220, and is NOT just a Clarence Moore clone. He was very productive in the red zone in college, and yet he's become the invisible man for the Ravens.

Jeremiah W said...

Devin Hester is not even Devin Hester anymore. Once those little shifty guys get blown up, they never run into the wedge the same way. I would still use him on occasion if we have a big lead, or are way behind, but obviously he has become a liability in the return game. I can hardly blame him htough. I remember the hit in the preseason that changed everything, and I am sure he thinks about every time the ball is kicked, even when he is on the sideline wearing a cape.

The Bears return man looks like what I want. I love having a running back or saftey as the return man. Those guys are used to and not shy about heavy contact, and can deliver a blow and not just get crumpled on any collision. Cory Ross was really good at it, and I would like to see Rice, Parmele, Zibz, or Willis if he is going to be the #3 RB, he may as well be the return man. It is much harder to tackle a guy who is immune to arm tackles, and knows not only how to juke and cut, but how to set up blocks and use a stiff arm or some thing instead of going stiff 5 yards before contact and running half speed into a huge hit.

Anonymous said...

Did that guy REALLY use Cory Ross as an example of a good returner? So much for credibility. Ross had some explosiveness as a runner, but definitely NOT as a returner.

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Dec 24th
Both Ross and Figurs will be gone in 2009. I'm sure OZZIE realizes that these players just ..did not pan out..
Next man up
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Harry -- Ross has been long gone already.

(And I hope you're right about Figurs. What a silly choice -- one, again, too heavily influenced by the Combine stats that they swore they wouldn't keep falling in love with -- especially when Johnny Lee Higgins was available in the third round and he wouldn't have cost us all the picks that we traded to get Figurs.)

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 Dec 26th
HEY.. I just reviewed the STATS for JOHNNY LEE HIGGINS.. NO TDS on Kick returns..but 3 TDs as a Wide out. 2 more than our speedster from kansas??
But WHO KNEW? I saw YAMON in college games, but never heard of JOHNNY LEE HIGGINS.. Agreed he is better now... again..WHO KNEW?
I'm just glad that we have JOE FLACCO.. that is the biggest move in 10 years.
Happy new year..lets go Beat the JAGS and let everything else take care of its self..
P.s. I knew that ROSS was on IR.. I meant..GONE from Baltimore..
why pick up Jalen Parmelee and not use him.. He must have some skils??
Harry O'

Anonymous said...

Actually Harry -- not that it matters now -- but I happened to be calling for Higgins around the time the FO decided to go for Figurs. It really didn't make much sense to me at the time; and it makes even less sense now.

BTW -- Johnny Lee has 3 punt returns for TDs in addition to the 3 TDs as a WR.


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Dec 27th...Ah ...
Dec 27th, 1964, I remember it Well.. Gary Collins Running past Bobby Boyd in Secondary in OLD Cleveland Stadium, Catching Passes thrown by Dr Frank Ryan, resulting in a 27-0 drubbing of Our Batlimore Colts in the NFL championship game. Unitas had a bad day

...But that was another ERA in Baltimore Sports History; We have a Franchise Quarterback and are headed in the right direction. Don't worry about the JAGs game, Harbaugh will have the Boys Ready for them.
...and Thanks for updating me on JOHNNY LEE HIGGINS. I must have looked at some OLD STATS?
Happy New year to all Ravens fans!