Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ravens buying into the Harbaugh Way? Signs say, "YES!"

Don’t know if you noticed the jubilant exchange between Samari Rolle and John Harbaugh just after the Todd Heap 24 yard reception on a gutsy fourth and one call during the third quarter. Apparently Harbaugh informed the defense that he had decided to go for the first down from the Redskins 43 and that they should be prepared to defend well if the play failed. Harbaugh added that the defense would love the call Cam Cameron was about to send in to his rookie QB Joe Flacco. The defense looked on with heightened interest.

After the play was successful, Rolle and Harbaugh embraced each other as Ed Reed looked on smiling from ear to ear. So much for that list of players not buying in to the Harbaugh Way.

ODDS & ENDS: This past Sunday Night while attending the game against the Redskins, a few avid DC fans sat behind me and expressed their disgust with the Redskins rather regularly throughout the contest. Just after the Ravens had taken a 17-0 lead and were prepared to kickoff, these Skins fans noticed punter Ryan Plackemeier warming up, hitting balls into the net. One from the gang exclaimed, “Now there’s confidence. The Ravens haven’t even kicked off yet and our punter is getting loose!”…

I must admit that I’m digging 105.7 The Fan. The debate between Scott Garceau and Anita Marks is rather entertaining as is an occasional visit to the Bruce Cunningham Show. Now keep in mind, I don’t listen to Cunningham expecting some groundbreaking revelation or Ravens-related epiphany. It’s sort of like reading the Enquirer headlines in the express lane at the supermarket. Somehow my curiosity and the bizarreness and corniness of it occasionally lure me in…

IN-DUCT ART! All of that talk last week from WNST and all of those signs that eventually did little other than annoy the city’s clean-up crew and I heard not so much as a whisper of the planned chant IN-DUCT ART. And really it’s unfortunate that the effort failed to garnish much support. But would it have made a difference anyway? Just prior to the Ravens v. Redskins I asked HOF Committee member Scott Garceau if the WNST effort would make a difference.

“Many of the voters have likely already submitted their latest selection [prior to IN-DUCT ART], but any awareness for Art's cause is a good thing and I'm sure it'll warm his heart to see how Baltimore fans feel about what he did for this city and the NFL in general.”

I agree.

Ravens v. Steelers: The early line has the Ravens listed anywhere from a 1 to 2 point favorite in this nationally televised game brought to you by CBS, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Some seem surprised by the line. Don’t count me among them. The Ravens have beaten the Steelers 5 consecutive games at M&T Bank Stadium, including 2 in overtime (2005 and 2003) and in the 2007 season finale (27-21) after Pittsburgh had already clinched the AFC North. During those 5 consecutive losses the Steelers have averaged 11.4 points per game while the Ravens have averaged 22.6 points. Both teams are on a roll but I like the Ravens in this one. Two things have changed since the teams last met on Monday Night Football back in September. First there’s the venue – M&T Bank Stadium. That’s a far cry from MNF in Pittsburgh. Secondly, there’s Joe Flacco. He is hardly the same quarterback as he was on September 29. While his performance in Pittsburgh wasn’t all that bad considering it was his first NFL road start, (16 for 31, 192 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, QB Rating 81.7) he’s grown markedly since. Ravens 20, Steelers 13


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Dec 9th
Watching SCOTT (MASN), interview Tim Benz of FOX SPORTS WXDX , from Pittsburgh.
..Tim thinks that the Ravens have been Replaced as the STILLERS Biggest Rivals.. since the BROWNS have become so bad.
...I did not see the "Jubilant exchange between Samari Rolle and John Harbaugh", but I KNOW THESE THINGS...like MR BILL, because I read 24x7 on a Daily Basis.
.. Keep up the great job of covering the Ravens !!!

Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling about the upcoming Ravens-Steelers game. I think that the Ravens will definitely bring it, both on defense AND offense.

This has turned into one of the best Ravens seasons ever. Regardless of what happens from this point forward, I feel that the Ravens have delivered the goods this year, far exceeding my expectations at the start of the season.

Harryos29 said...

Harry o 29 Dec 11th
..I agree with MR ANONYMOUS .. I too have a good feeling about the upcoming game. I feel strongly, because I will be there, rooting in person. I was able to buy 2 tickets and will be rooting from HIGH up in Section 522.
..I guess, it is too much to ask for ED REED to start off the Steelers game the same way he started off the Redskins game.?
.. In order to beat the STILLERS, we need to score 24 points IMHO. Witness the Cowboys game last week. If you let the STILLERs hang around....they will always come back and beat you..... Not this week though..