Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Over the next four weeks there will be a ton of playoff scenarios for us all to regurgitate. Yet for me there is one lingering thought that I have as it relates to playoff positioning. As fans of the Ravens we have to hope that the Tennessee Titans lose one of their next two games to either the Browns or the Texans.

Now as far as I see it (and I’m sure you as well) the Browns have next to no chance of beating the Titans in Tennessee. However, the Texans might have a chance against the Titans in Houston the following week.

So why is a Titans’ loss so important?

Well in Week 16 the Titans host the Steelers and if they go into that game with a 13-1 mark, it would be na├»ve to think that Jeff Fisher will go all out to win that game. Let’s dial it back for a moment…

Let’s assume the Ravens beat the Redskins, the Steelers beat the Cowboys and the Ravens beat the Steelers here next week. That would leave both the Ravens and the Steelers at 10-4. If the Titans are at 13-1 at that point, they will have locked up home field throughout the playoffs. But if the Titans lose and enter that game at 12-2 record, they will have motivation to win that game against the Steelers. If they lose and fall to 12-3 and the Steelers sit at 11-4, the Titans will then have to go into Indianapolis to face a Colts’ team vying for playoff positioning as well.

If the Ravens hope to win the AFC North, they will need help because their tiebreakers against the Steelers are not favorable. Consider this analysis by my colleague Ken McKusick: RAVENS V. STEELERS TIEBREAKER.

So as you sit around prior to the Sunday night game at M&T this week, root for the Cowboys to beat the Steelers and pray for the Browns to pull off the upset against the Titans.

And regardless of what happens, be prepared to bring it on Sunday night at The Vault!


Anonymous said...

Well said

Al Davis said...

Just win baby! The rest will take care of itself!