Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sipping the purple Kool-Aid

Today during The X Factor on Fox 1370 Sports Radio the conversation between me and my co-host Shan Shariff eventually touched down on the Ravens and their playoff aspirations. Shan adamantly stated that the Ravens will not be among the post season participants while explaining his belief that the Ravens need to build towards the future.

I stopped Shan during his explanation because I just as adamantly believe it is far too premature to count the Ravens out. First of all, the NFL is a very watered down product, particularly the AFC. It’s almost mind boggling how quickly the AFC has fallen behind the NFC after several years of dominance. So with such an unstable conference and given the Ravens position among the top 6 seeds in the AFC at present, why should the Ravens be counted out?

Just about that time we were up against a commercial break so we decided to revisit the topic after the break and go through the balance of the Ravens schedule. Shan had the Ravens winning this week against the Texans but he has them losing against the Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Steelers and Cowboys and settling on an 8-8 finish.

I on the other hand have them losing only to the Giants and the Cowboys the rest of the way and walking away from their final regular season contest against the Jaguars with a record of 11-5.

Wow, 11-5. Now that’s optimism and after reaching that conclusion I realized the bar at the purple Kool-Aid stand was open a bit too long and I was over served.

Shan and I both agreed that the swing games that proved to be the difference in our respective forecasts are the Eagles, Redskins and Steelers. I have the Ravens sweeping those games while Shan has the Ravens dropping each of them.

At this point in the season who knows which of us is right – probably neither of us but that said, I’m ok with the purple libations. Line ‘em up bartender! What the hell! I believe that John Harbaugh and the Ravens are building something here – this year! And I believe that they are slowly rounding into a complete team. And I’m banking on Jerry Rosburg whipping his special teams into shape and that Rex Ryan will somehow come up with a formula to mask the team’s inadequacies in the secondary. Hey what’s Ty Law up to these days? Hopefully not 250 pounds.

Bartender, RavenBomb for my friend Shan – that’s Blueberry Van Gogh vodka with a Red Bull.

You can get those at The Manhattan Grill you know…where I’ll be guest bartending on November 17 during Monday Night Football.

Anybody else want one?


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Nov 8th
Tony, I listened to the entire show today...great job .. I want a Ravenbomb. Thanks for sharing the Ingredients ..
I tend to go with Sean on the 8-8 record. I love your optimisim..but maybe you have had too many BOMBS.
Lets just BEAT HOUSTON on Sunday..then we can be 6-3.. hear that 6-3...that is twice as many wins as loses... haven't been able to say that for a long time...

Anonymous said...

I have us beating the Steelers & the Bengals, and possibly the Jags. That'd put us at 9-7, which I think is realistic. Beyond that, we might win one other game. Conversely, we might not beat the Steelers, Bengals, & Jags. But even to finish 8-8, given the projections I made at the beginning of the season, is awesome, IMHO.

Obviously, a lot depends upon when the team gets hot/gels, how the injuries go, etc. But at least there's room for some optimism, and the team has already exceeded my pre-season expectations.

FilmMan said...

Think its gonna be either 10-6 or 9-7. They win 2 of 4 vs NFC East, beat the horrible Bengals (makes it 9). If they win 1 of 2 vs PIT/JAX then its 10. If not 9-7 may still be good enough for a sniff at a playoff berth.

The Skins and Eagles are very beatable. And Jacksonville will be long out of it by week 17. A mail it in game for them. Which works in Baltimore's favor. The Pittsburgh game is obviously trouble as is this weeks game against the Giants. Personally, I think the Giants game is a great measuring stick game. If they can slow down the run - they can beat this team. Manning has been only Ok this year - and the defense does make mistakes.