Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ravens @ Giants: Blogging behind enemy lines Part II

In Part II of Blogging Behind Enemy Lines, Giants' blogger Dan Benton tackles my questions for him...

1. Knowing what you know about the Giants if Ravens’ defensive coordinator Rex Ryan called you and asked how the Ravens should attack their offense in order to win and you were paid handsomely on the down low, what would you tell him?

Well, that depends. Would I be paid before or after I offer up the information? If paid before hand, I'd just make up some random nonsense, cash a check and enjoy a Giants victory. However, if I was to be paid afterward, I wouldn't tell him anything. I am a Giants addict through and through; there is no price-tag on a Giants win orloss. I live and die by Big Blue and would prefer a victory over nearly anything else in our known universe.

2. What about Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron? Who is the weak link on the Giants’ defense?

If you're asking me what I'd tell him, the answer is the same. He would get nothing ... NOTHING! Ha ha. But seriously, there is no real weak link on the Giants defense. I'm sure some "experts" would claim it's their secondary, and to some extent, that may be somewhat true, but New York is as well-rounded as any team in the league. They havevery few weaknesses at all and no one person can be referred to as their weakest link.That said, there are a few things some players don't do as well as others. For instance, Antonio Pierce is a bit suspect in coverage, and the inexperience at the safety position is a tad concerning at times.

3. Has Tom Coughlin ever had a penalty called against the Giants that he agreed with?

Of course not ... and why would he? The Giants are regularly on the end of poor calls or no-calls, so when the flag is thrown on them, the immediate response is "why us and not them"?That and the fact that such a disciplined team cannot possibly be guilty of committing a legitimate penalty. I mean, come on, we're not the New England Patriots here.

4. Now that the dust has settled, if you could have your choice of the top three QB’s drafted in 2004 (Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger) which would you choose?

Eli Manning, without a doubt! I was a fan of him then and I'm more a fan of him now.I've said time and time again that Big Ben is overrated, and now that the Steelers are aging and falling apart, you're getting to see exactly what he's made of. Meanwhile, Rivers has been solid, but unable to get the job done with one of the most talented teams in the NFL.Then you look at Eli and all he does is win. And in a league that lives by the motto "what have you done for me lately," you could not ask for a better asset than Eli.Statistics aside, he's as clutch as they come. And I would rather have a "W" than a 300 yards, four touchdown loss any day.

5. History tells us that the Giants generally don’t fare well against Baltimore teams in meaningful football games. How will the Giants do this time against the team representing Charm City?

If this were the 2006 Giants, I would probably concede to a loss this Sunday. But things have changed and although I remain cautiously optimistic each week, it's still optimism ... something many Giants fans aren't use to.A lot of people are overlooking the Ravens, claiming their last four games have been against Junior Varsity teams. And while that may be the case, a solid running game and a dominating defense are all it takes to win in this league.This game will be a knock-down, drag-out fight right until the very end. But after nearly having several strokes, I think the Giants will walk away with a narrow three-point win.


Anonymous said...

Sorry TL, but this guy's a douche and a half. Send this idiot back to Jersey for some knob-slobbing with Eli (who is the modern day Dilfer). He provided zero insight here.

Anonymous said...

Im with anonymous,what a freakin toolbox homer this clown is.All he told us was that the Giants were one of the most balanced teams ever assembled and they have no nice.

I hope after She Li throws a couple picks, we shut Jacobs down and score about 20 on their 'defense with no holes" this yahoo will come on your show and man up.

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Nov 14th
I honestly believe that the Ravens have a chance against the JINTS on SUNDAY. However, it will come down to the TURNOVER BATTLE. The Ravens cannot afford any: not one!
... In FLACCO we Trust. History suggests that Teams from BAWL_MER have a better than average chance against teams from new york (Excluding the Namath led jets)
... Hint to Coach HARBAUGH> keep STEVE HAUSCHKA UP this week...the Swirling winds will require a Strong leg for Field Goals. the kid can provide that extra FOOT into the Ball that we need..
Rave on...SCORE..Ravens 24-20 over the JINTS..

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Nov 16th

Here is hoping that the RAVENS can follow the GUTSY win by my Favorite College team the MARYLAND TERRAPINS..
... What a great win for the TERPS. To come from behind , with a 73 yard, 19 play drive, consuming 8:43 off the clock....hmmm reminiscent of their BIG Brothers up the Parkway on Russell Street?
.. The Ravens can use this same formula today vs the GIANTS.