Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ravens @ Giants: Blogging behind enemy lines

New York Giants' blogger Dan Benton for (no not the Chinese food ingredient) reached out this week to engage in what he referred to as "blogging behind enemy lines." Dan threw out 5 questions about this week's Ravens @ Giants contest and I returned the favor. First Dan's questions and my answers...

1) Although you're a fan of an AFC team, I'm sure you get a healthy dose of the NFC. Are you one of the few who actually believe the Giants are for real, or do you think they've lucked out since December of last year?

When a team plays well in the trenches as the Giants do and they can run the football like they do particularly on the road, that team is for real. I will say that I’m not as impressed with Eli Manning as many of the national media folk are. I think he’s been good but I hardly think he was deserving of the SB MVP. In my opinion that should have gone to Justin Tuck. Manning can be rattled and when he is he will force throws and make big mistakes. The Ravens are counting on that Sunday.

2) Looking ahead to Sunday, what concerns you most about the New York Giants?

The defensive front is very strong and I think they will force Ravens rookie QB Joe Flacco to make mistakes. The Ravens aren’t the picture of health on the offensive line and as a result, I see this as a bit of a mismatch.

Also, the Ravens’ secondary is very banged up and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan has preferred to drop LB’s into coverage to help versus blitzing the quarterback. It worked against the Texans and Sage Rosenfels but I don’t see it working against the Giants.

Finally, this is the Ravens third consecutive road game and their fifth in their last six games. That will take a toll even though it’s a short train ride to the Meadowlands.

3) In what area, if any, do you think Baltimore can expose New York?

Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has had a hot hand lately. He’ll try to keep the Giants off balance with play action, some deep strikes downfield and with some gadgetry courtesy of his version of the wildcat featuring Troy Smith.

That said I don’t see many weaknesses with the Giants. I think the only way to beat them is to outslug them in the trenches, out execute them or force Manning into mistakes like the Browns did.

4) What happens when Brandon "The Beast" Jacobs meets Ray Lewis in the hole?

You better hold your ears and make sure the children turn their heads away.

5) Prediction time! How many points will the Giants win by this Sunday?

Oh you are a confident one there Dan aren’t you? As you should be… I think the Ravens will compete particularly if Joe Flacco doesn’t morph into a turnover machine against the onslaught of the Giants’ pass rush. In the end, I think a balanced Giants team will prevail, 27-17.

For my questions and Dan's answers go HERE


Anonymous said...

27-17 Giants sounds about right to me.

Anonymous said...

I think I will no longer read your blog... I dont take kindly to home blogs picking the posing team. Your supposed to be optimistic. :-/