Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ravens atop Eagles' Christmas List

Years from now, perhaps even later this year folks might look back at the score of the Ravens v. Eagles game played on Sunday at The Vault and consider it a blow out. It was hardly that. A better description might be an early Christmas present from Andy Reid to his protégé John Harbaugh.

The 29 point scoring differential in this 36-7 Ravens win was the widest margin of victory for any win during Week 12 of the NFL season. Yet at the half it was 10-7 where it remained until 6:05 of the third quarter when Jameel McClain blocked a punt through the end zone for a safety and a 12-7 lead.

With 14:57 left in the game, Matt Stover’s 42 yard field goal made it 15-7. Not until Joe Flacco connected with Mark Clayton on a 53 scoring strike with 11:39 left did you get the sense that the Ravens had this game under control.

Up to that point, the Eagles never really threatened offensively. But then again the Ravens weren’t exactly a model of offensive efficiency. The feeling throughout M&T prior to Clayton’s TD was that the game could be decided by one big play.

The Ravens had far more opportunities for the big play. Nearing the season of giving, the Eagles gave and gave. There were the 5 turnovers, the decision to replace Donovan McNabb with an inexperienced QB in Kevin Kolb who was forced to take on one of the game’s best defenses on the road and with only one running back healthy enough to stay in the game – the ailing Brian Westbrook.

The Eagles were all like little green-clad elves and their skipper, sans the big white beard, looked and acted like ole St. Nick.

And it twasn’t even the night before Christmas.


Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 Nov 27th
Maybe Andy Reed thought it was Thanks Giving day, and pulled McNabb to give his one time Protege a Gift?
... Donavan McNabb surely was the turkey in the first half of the game!!!

Who knows...but as a DIE HARD Ravens Fan.. I'll take all the 29 point wins I can get!