Sunday, November 02, 2008

Blogging with the enemy Part II: Ravens @ Browns

As we did earlier in the season when the Ravens and Browns went at it on September 21, 2008, Browns blogger Pete Grasso and I traded questions about our respective teams. You can find my responses to his questions here. Pete’s answers to my questions are ready right now…

1. Derek Anderson has been up and down throughout the season yet Romeo Crennel has stuck with him. Is that simply blind faith in Anderson or is Brady Quinn just not ready?

Well, I don't think it's because Brady's not ready. I believe he is. I think Romeo is sticking with Anderson simply because he's stubborn. I honestly don't think the Browns know what they're doing at quarterback. What does Anderson have to do to be yanked? Sure, he's shown small flashes of good play, but overall he's terrible. He is not the long-term answer at quarterback - as I've been saying since last season. Romeo, I'm convinced, is NOT a head coach and he's clinging dearly to his job. I don't think he likes being told what to do, or admitting maybe he could be wrong, and so he's sticking with DA simply because he's stubborn.

2. Will the real Cleveland Browns please stand up! Which team is the real Browns...the one that played the Giants or the one that played the Ravens back in September?

Sadly, what you see is what you get with the Browns. The real Browns are both the team that lost to the Ravens and the team that beat the Giants. They're both the team that lost a winnable game against the Redskins and the team that held on to beat the Jaguars. Bottom line is, the real Browns are inconsistent and, until they play consistent, hard-nose football every week, they're not going to be very good.

3. How important is Sean Jones to the Browns defense and do you expect him to have an immediate impact on Sunday?

The defense has been steadily improving all season. I don't know how much of an impact Sean Jones will really have Sunday. I think the Browns biggest problem on defense is the linebackers. They stink.

4. Will Kellen Winslow be a Brown in '09?

I hope so. But, witnessing how apt this organization -- and city -- is to letting superstars go, I wouldn't be surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised.

5. How do you see the AFC North shaking out come the end of December?

Hard to say. The way the Bengals are playing, I don't see them being able to win more than a game or two, much less a divisional game. You know my thoughts on the Browns, which is I have no idea what to think. I think today’s game will show us a lot about what we can expect. If the Browns can pull it out, they'll be 2-2 in the division with Cincy and Pittsburgh left to play the last two games of the season. If the Ravens win, it's up to them to take the division away from Pittsburgh, at which point I expect a lot of Ravens fans to be cheering for the Browns in Week 17.