Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ravens v. McAlister: Who's lying now?

There’s an interesting little soap opera developing at One Winning Drive and the protagonist and antagonist are John Harbaugh and Chris McAlister, respectively.

Now McAlister’s history naturally locks him in as the villain. He’s the guy who regularly loses his mind on the field and he has been the author of some of the team’s most untimely personal fouls in the club’s history. Mix in the little visit to Tijuana back in 2003, an averted DUI in Virginia and possession of marijuana charges that were dismissed and the detective in all of us would find McAlister guilty before proven innocent.

So the picture of him standing on the sidelines on Sunday fully dressed, seemingly healthy and ready to play in Miami just screamed the question, “What kind of trouble did CMac get into last night in South Beach?”

The answer from what I’ve been told is, “None!”

The decision to not start McAlister has to do with his precipitous drop in game speed that was exposed by an aging Marvin Harrison who by no strange coincidence went back into hibernation against the Packers this past Sunday (2 catches, 11 yards).

Making the soap opera even more interesting is McAlister’s unwillingness to admit that his knee isn’t healthy. If it isn’t healthy, why not just say it? Does he think that if word gets out it might make him a more inviting target? Clearly Peyton Manning viewed him as such.

But why not come out with it Chris? Man up! Really, what’s the big deal?

Instead McAlister describes a knee that forced him to the sidelines most of camp and the preseason as “excellent.”

Meanwhile a team dying for competent play at corner benches a Pro Bowl DB who deems himself fit to play. It doesn't add up.

Someone is lying.

While McAlister’s unwillingness to admit his ailment is puzzling, it would be even more puzzling for a team that needs an accomplished and healthy corner to sit him down in favor of one of the most desirable welcome mats for wide receivers in the NFL (Frank Walker).

Count me among those who think CMac’s pants are on fire in more ways than one.


Harryos29 said...

HARRY 0 29 oCT 21ST

How old is CMAC now? June 14, 1977.
... I'm not convinced that CMAC is done, at this Point. I believe that COACH HARBAUGH is sending CMAC a message. I will be at the game sunday, and I would not be surprised to see # 21 out there as a STARTER and have a great game with an INT returned for a TD, like he has done so many times in the PAST!
We can only HOPE...because Frank Walker may have done ok vs the DOLPHINS..but I stil believe that Frank is a distant cousin of "TOAST" Elvis Patterson ...

Anonymous said...

Harbaugh admitted on his radio show tonight that it was a discipline issue. Chris was acting crazy at the team hotel and on the team bus. Harbaugh said he couldn't put up with that from anybody and if it keeps up you enter "detrimental team conduct" zone. He says nobody is close to that zone, yet.