Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baltimore's feeling like deja vu all over again

Let’s put things in perspective…the Ravens are far from a good team and say what you want about the close losses to the Steelers and the Titans, at the end of the day, they were losses and the Ravens simply do not have what it takes to compete with good teams. Truth be told, they look like a minor league squad and at best they are in the upper echelon of the bottom third of the league.

I’ve got my whipping stick out and it’s time for a few beatings…

Cam Cameron – what kind of game plan was that? Now I get that the game escaped you rather early but why would you even consider running east and west? The Colts are light but fast so why not go directly at them? Running laterally allowed the Colts to utilize their speed and they did. You need to do better. The Ravens’ running game was supposed to set the tempo and it did – for the Colts.

Willis McGahee – can he possibly be any slower to the hole. I’m sorry folks but McGahee looks like a guy who is happy to collect a paycheck and not one hell bent on winning. I don’t think he wakes up in the morning on game day thinking Super Bowl. I just don’t see the passion, commitment and attention to detail. He is a prototypical underachiever.

John Harbaugh – he looked rather chump-like when splitting hairs over 2 seconds on the game clock as the contest approached the 2 minute warning in the fourth quarter while down 31-3. You need to learn to cut your losses coach. Who looks like the bigger rookie at this point, Harbaugh or Joe Flacco?

With all due respect to Derrick Mason, what do the Ravens’ receivers get paid for? On the game’s second offensive play, Flacco was flushed right and had a chance to survey the field for what seemed like an eternity. Nothing! Just about any other team given that much time will hurt an opponent? Not the Ravens. They throw it out of bounds.

Something has to be wrong with Todd Heap and I was happy to see Harbaugh bending his ear after his rather lame attempt to make a play on a Flacco throw. Sometimes your playmakers have to step up. Heap bears no resemblance to a playmaker these days and this was supposed to be an offense that featured tight ends.

The Ravens’ secondary is clearly banged up but who could expect them to make a rapidly declining Marvin Harrison look about 5 years younger? Chris McAlister looks slow and he bites on a double move more than a school of starving piranhas bites on an exposed pound of flesh. Sorry folks but Ed Reed continues to abandon his back end responsibilities preferring instead to take foolish risks. At the end of the day, it makes Reed look like one of the league’s most overrated players.

What was Rex Ryan thinking? Corey Ivy man-to-man on Reggie Wayne, are you kidding me? What’s next, Frank Walker on Andre Johnson?

Hey Yamon, your hamstring hurts right? Figurs has no burst, doesn’t follow his blockers and makes bad decisions. Where is Lamont Brightful when you need him?

Reality check time folks – all those early season win projections of 7 or less…don’t toss them out. At this point 7 wins looks like a Super Bowl win!

As if things couldn’t get any worse, arguably the most productive offensive lineman the Ravens have is now done for the season. The Ravens are hopeful that Marshal Yanda will be able to recover from a torn PCL, MCL and ACL in time to be ready for summer camp ’09.

It was a bad day in Indy, a really bad day. After some initial hope that things would be different than the late Billick years, it’s hard to find much that has changed. Perhaps even Peyton Manning thought Billick was patrolling the Ravens’ sideline too when he took a shot downfield late in the game with the Colts holding a commanding 31-3 lead.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like 2007.


Harryos29 said...

Tony you said what my, buddy Joe , (a transplant from Towson to a very nice golf retirement community here in VASS, NC ), in the Sand Hills of NC, and I were talking about all afternoon.
.. To the RAVENS.. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Like Barney Frank and Chris DODD with Fanny Mae...What were they Thinking??? .. I mention them...because...right now..they are the only two..(in this country) who are dumber than the Ravens NEW-BRAIN TRUST..
I still bleed purple and will be up in SECTION 522 for the Next home game.... BUT..Come on Coaches..lets put a plan in and stick with it. I did not know about the Injury to YANDA. That is just Terrible. He is a great kid. (where is Tony Pashos when you need him...anybody seen Zues lately?)
... For a year..that began with so much hope..its all going down the toilet lately.
..Well.. at least the Cowboys and Redskins lost today.

Anonymous said...

Tony -- I followed you right up to the "...late Billick years" remark. Yeah -- if you consider the past 9 years to be the late Billick years. Billick never got it; and you always seem to be willing to give him a pass. Your sandbox, your rules. But please don't engage in creative/revisionist history. Even when we won the Super Bowl, we stunk on offense. Billick's offense. It was the D and special teams that got us the Lombardi. And it was Billick's lousy offense that prevented us from getting more of them over the ensuing decade.