Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Was bad call on Frank Walker a make up call?

The late Gene Upshaw was honored around the league for his Hall of Fame career and his contributions to the NFL Players Union. Upshaw recently passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. NFL fields were emblazoned with GU 63 and all players wore similar patches during the season’s opening week. The gesture was noble yet I couldn’t help to think about John Unitas. You may recall that Paul Tagliabue wouldn’t even allow quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Chris Redman to wear hightop cleats as a symbolic gesture of appreciation to Unitas after his sudden passing in 2002. Yet every single jersey was decorated with the GU 63 patch this Sunday. I suppose John just didn’t have the friends in high places that Upshaw had.

Other forms of fashion provided a topic of discussion down at M&T Bank on Sunday. For the first time since the days of Vinny Testaverde, the Ravens dusted off the white jersey/black pants uniform ensemble although this time, the pants did not come with the piping that the 90’s version had. The fashion police are wondering why.

The landscape of the AFC certainly has changed after just one week. The Patriots probably lost 6 games despite winning their opener against the Chiefs. The loss of Tom Brady is enormous and those national media folk with their lips squarely planted on the Patriots’ hind parts are in denial if they still think the Pats are playoff bound. That offensive line has been exposed and Brady isn’t there to save them. Word now is that Chris Simms will get a look from Bill Belichick. Just what we all need – Chris’ dad Phil sucking up to the Patriots even more than he already does.

Much has been said about the bad call against Frank Walker on Yamon Figurs’ would be punt return for a touchdown. Granted it was a very bad call but no one is talking about the non-call on the very same return. Tom Zbikowski (who by the way is a special team stud) hit a Bengal in the back prior to the Walker block to help spring Figurs around the left sideline. Can you say “Make up call?”


Anonymous said...

your comments re the makup call are idiotic. how can you have a makeup call on the same play as the missed call? why not just call it on the guy you think they should have called it on in the first place? it was a bad call on walker...there was no make-up. if the ref thought he had seen zibby make a bad block, he would have called it on 28, not 41.

Tony Lombardi said...

If you watch the play again you might see that Walker's block took place a couple of seconds after Zbikowski's block. If you are a referee and you think that maybe you missed a call, might that then nudge you a bit to go against Walker if you are on the fence about his block? It's not impossible now is it and if possible then it's hardly "idiotic."

I know while watching it live I thought Zbikowski's block was questionable at best and that one made a difference in the play. Whether Walker makes that block or not, Figurs is probably gone. Zbikowski's block was relevant and illegal.

But really the point of bringing Zbikowski's block up at all was to say that collectively we really can't whine much about the call on Walker because the officials missed a more flagrant foul just seconds earlier that affected the play's outcome.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

but, if the ref that blew the flag on walker was aware that he missed a more flagrant call against 28, why not just call it on 28?

Anonymous said...

1. It was an absurd call on Walker, and I don't even LIKE Walker.

2. Your logic really doesn't make sense at all Tony. There's really no such thing as a make up call ON THE SAME PLAY, no matter how much you insist it is.

Anonymous 2

Tony Lombardi said...

Ok, I will concede that the terminology "Make up call" doesn't precisely articulate my point...which is, Ravens' fans IMO shouldn't whine too much about the call on Walker because the officials missed a call on Zbikowski.

See that wasn't so hard ;-)

Anonymous said...

Now THAT I agree with. I kept re-watching the play, and saw what looked to be an illegal block on Tommy Z, but not on Walker. AND...if I'm not mistaken, I think the illegal block on Zib was further back than the one erroneously called on Walker. So, if anything, when you look at it that way, we gained a couple of yards as a result of the refs calling it on Walker and not Zbikowski.

Anon 2

Harryos29 said...

Harry O 29 9/12/08
Tony as a long time official I can tell you .."IT HAPPENS" but shouldn't .
.. if you make a bad call..you live with it and do not make another bad call to make up for it. Face it: calls are Missed (ZIBKOWSKI) .. move on and officiate the game. I saw the Bad Call on Walker on the first Replay and Having the Radio in my ear...Rob Burnett , Stan White and Gerry Sandusky were all over it.
... IMHO.."let the players play the game"
... as for the Patriots..NO sympathy here... what have they won 3 SuperBowls since TOM TERRIFIC took over as their Starting QB?...and GOD only knows how much CHEATING they got away with up there.
.. I'm going to leave you with this.. LETS GO FLA-CCO,