Monday, September 15, 2008


“I blew it!”

Those are the words of referee Ed Hochuli – a statement of the obvious after he helped gift wrap a win for the Denver Broncos.

With 1:17 left in a very exciting game, Jay Cutler rolled right after taking the snap from center at the Chargers 1 yard line. Cutler fumbled the football and it was recovered by the Chargers. Everyone watching saw it the same way except for Ed Hochuli who ruled on the field that Cutler had thrown an incomplete forward pass.

The replay official buzzed Hochuli who then overturned the call on the field, ruling correctly that the play was a fumble at the 10-yard line. But by rule the ball could not be given to the Chargers after a replay reversal of a pass/fumble, according to Hochuli.

If that is a rule, it needs to be changed. In fact if there are any other rules that clearly make no sense given the circumstances of the game whereby common sense and obvious fairness override a rather obsolete rule, then the officials should be able to make a fair ruling on the field.
Yesterday if given that latitude, Hochuli could have corrected his egregious mistake. Instead he has to live with it and so do the San Diego Chargers who after 2 weeks find themselves 2 games behind the Broncos.


Anonymous said...

"Billick is a fraud of a coach" You've got to be joking?! His record clearly shows he's a better coach then you are a wannabe journalist. Let's see you make the playoffs with Jason Brookins then run your know nothing mouth. Can't wait til 1370 makes it 3 radio stations fired for your hacky ass.

Harryos29 said...

harry o 29 9/15/08
Tony, WHO is this GUTLESS...... person who continually attacks you?
Back to the POINT...the NFL was truly the
NO FUN LEAGUE for the poor Chargers on Sunday. I remember a play in 1976 that went in the FAVOR of the Batlimore Colts: Bert Jones dove into the line for an apparent FUMBLE....I mean the ball jumped out of his hands and New England Recoverd the ball at the ONE. NO NO NO...the REFs ruled the WHISTLE had blown and gave the COLTS another play which turned a 24-23 New England victory into a win for the COLTS by the score of 30-24 and propelled them into the AFC Play offs.
...My point being...BAD Calls are nothing new and the losing teams are the ones who suffer. But that's Football.
... IMHO.. that rule should be changed at the OWNERS MTG...and should be the # 1 Priority.
.so the 3rd Quarter the Cowboys Eagles game has produced 61 pints..and we are only in the 3rd Quarter.

Tony Lombardi said...

Not only is it gutless while hiding behind a cloak of anonymity but pointless. This thread is about Ed Hochuli and a blown call in the Chargers @ Denver game.

Hello, McFly...

I bet this guy/gal is the type that would sucker punch then run to mommy or hang up on callers if the caller was winning the debate.

Jeremiah W said...

The NFL needs to use the replay that the TV viewer sees and enforce the rules as they are written. There are way oo many bad calls that could be over turned easily just by a guy watching on TV.

The way to protect the integrity of the game, or of anything for that matter is to not only admit mistakes, but try to correct them right away.

This particular call was one of the worst I have ever seen, not only was it a fumble, it would have been a fumble even if it was a pass because it went backward. No one was in danger, there was not about to be a pile up on a loose ball, the defender appeared to scoop it right up, and I did not see Hochuli waving his arms or blowing the whistle before the guy was already running with the ball. No one stopped playing when the ball hit the ground, so if he even blew the whistle before the ball was recovered, no one seemed to hear it and he was the only guy in hte stadium who thought it was a forward pass. You could tell by Cutler's reaction it was a fumble.

There seems to be enough time between plays to review every play in the booth and stop the action for a few seconds to correct game and season changing bad calls. Why should so many people have to suffer for one man's mistake. Take the pressure off the officals by allowing them to change the call upon further review.

I am not saying go back and flag a holding call that was missed, but on pass interference or turnover type situations that were mistakes by the officials, should be corrected by the officials and I can not accept any excuses as to why that can not happen. Sorry is like a slap in the face. Give me a draft pick or something. An extra coaches challenge or in some cases, they could count the game only for the winning team and give the loser a tie on the record if the bad call definitly reversed a game over situation.