Saturday, August 30, 2008

Players adopt aliases, price for Beck just went up

I have been of the opinion that despite his poor play during summer camp and in the preseason, the Ravens would not cut Frank Walker "The Talker" because he was given a $1.2 million bonus and his release would be somewhat of a slap in the face of Director of Pro Personnel George Kokinis.

Yesterday the Texans released 9 year veteran Roosevelt Colvin. Colvin was signed by the Texans back in July and he was given a $1 million bonus. Houston apparently looked to cut their losses. Later today we’ll find out if the Ravens will take a similar approach with Walker.

The health or lack thereof of the Ravens’ secondary might provide security for Walker. Fabian Washington started well but he’s struggled of late with a variety of minor injuries plus he’s not eligible to play in the opener against the Bengals. Chris McAlister did not take a single snap during the preseason. Samari Rolle will undoubtedly be rusty against Cincinnati and Derrick Martin is at best a few weeks away from returning.

The team can’t trust David Pittman and Ronnie Prude may have been more effective back in the days of Stick ‘Em. The truth is if he can’t hold on to receivers, they run right by him.

And that leaves Corey Ivy and Frank Walker, enough to inspire Rex Ryan to keep the Tums nearby. Here’s a couple of names to keep an eye out for – two corners that might help the Ravens should they be cut loose: Ashton Youboty (Bills) and R.W. McQuarters (Giants).

Speaking of cut loose, many thought that John Beck would be let go by the Dolphins or at the very least available on the cheap in a trade. Beck may no longer be in play now that the Phins have traded Josh McCown to the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers gave up a 7th round pick for McCown. Seems like a pretty fair price to me.

The move leaves the Dolphins with three quarterbacks: Chad Pennington, Chad Henne and Beck in that order. If the Ravens’ interest in Beck given his familiarity with Cam Cameron’s offense is genuine, the price just went up.

When the Ravens host the Bengals on September 7 they will welcome Cincinnati wide receiver Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. The receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson legally changed his name this week. No truth to the rumor that Frank Walker has legally changed his name to Franco Tostado.


Harryos29 said...

Franco Tostoado
Tony, you bring Back Great Memories of the former GIANTS "BULLS-EYE" in the secondary..none other than "TOAST" Elvis are showing your age my Friend.
The Ravens Secondary will SETTLE down soon. I will not Panic. I am with the Ravens 100%. They will Fix this problem.
Harry O 29