Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jet Favre? Pass the vomit bag please!

We are all sick of Jet Favre by now. Truth be told, his trade to the Jets just elevated Eric Mangini’s gang to near the top of my list of least favorite teams. I hope they get the first overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

I bought the Brett Favre story. The Iron Man of football was my favorite player not wearing purple. But that has all changed. I now feel betrayed by him given all of his antics and drama over the past 6 or so months.

So I wondered, if I feel betrayed, how do the loyal Packer fans who have weathered brutal elements that I can’t even imagine in northern Wisconsin feel about Brett Favre today? What were they thinking when Favre was given the keys to Broadway and introduced to the New York media by Gotham City’s mayor? How did they respond to Favre proudly touting his new Jets’ jersey?

To put it in perspective, think about Cal Ripken.

Turn the clock back about 6 years when Ripken retired. Then imagine how you might feel if after a couple of months of retirement, the Iron Man of baseball decided to un-retire and join his buddy A-Rod in New York. How would you feel?

Without question, Favre is every bit as important to the fabric of Green Bay as Ripken is to Baltimore. You may even argue that Favre’s legend is even bigger given the size of that city and the Packers’ importance to the Green Bay’s history.

So when you see Favre in a new shade of green this season think about the outrageous thought of Ripken in pinstripes.

Sure, one day Favre and his PR folks will spin it in his favor in an attempt to re-store his image and Packers’ management will have no choice but to bite their collective lip. And then for some, perhaps most his good-guy stature will be restored.

But not for me!

The next time I see Broadway Brett cry a river, I hope it is driven by his wretched performance and it pours mightily into the Hudson along with the Jets’ hopes for a successful 2008.




Michelle Walker (Packer Fan) said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to leave a comment. I am a DIE HARD packer fan. I use to be a Favre fan as well. I would just like to say that you are right. Some packer fans like my husband and I feel like fools for supporting him. We never thought he would unretire, act like a giant baby and then go to another team. Through out this entire "Favre Saga" I've had a constant nauseousness in my stomach. It's amazing that one man can create SO many different emotions. HE SUCKS

Anonymous said...

TL hit the nail on the head. Break a leg Farve.. literally.

Bob Katula said...

TL, I feel like someone kicked the barstool out from underneath me. I sit here looking at the Favre-abilia in my home office--the signed photos of the Oakland game and the Superbowl win, the autographed Proline helmet--and I'm thinking that the shiny holograms that prove the authenticity of the items don't guarantee a damn thing about the authenticity of the man.