Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ravens Rock On!

There is a poll that you can find on baltimoreravens.com to help the team determine what song to be played during pre-game warm-ups. Here are the options:

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park
Beautiful Day - U2
My Hero - Foo Fighters
I Don’t Wanna be in Love - Good Charlotte

I guess I get most of these except for the Good Charlotte track which to me amounts to nothing more than a quasi-homer pick. GC is from Waldorf, MD which in my estimation makes them Redskins’ fans. So they are out!

Now the Ravens might be restricted to a certain set of tracks by the NFL (my guess is the penny pinchers won’t buy the full ASCAP license) and that is why they’ve narrowed it down to these questionable five. That said their choices forced me to look at my ipod and assuming my ipod was the field for the Ravens’ selection of songs the options would be:

Bad to the Bone, George Thorogood
Enter Sandman, Metallica
If You Want Blood, AC/DC
Where the Streets Have no Name, U2
Join Together, The Who

What do you think? Are the Ravens' choices better than mine? Which one of the 10 would you pick? Or do you have a better choice?

Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Can we have someone else do the Anthem? They got rid of Brian Billick so isn't it time to get an new Anthem guy (gal) (group)?