Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ravens make right call by rejecting Favre deal?

So the Packers dangled Brett Favre and another player to the Ravens for a third round pick.

And the Ravens said “No thanks”?

Proponents of such a deal will point to past players the Ravens have acquired in exchange for draft picks. Remember WR Kevin Johnson in 2004 for a fourth round pick? How about the third and fourth the Ravens gave up for Jim Harbaugh and the Colts’ fourth back in ‘98?

And then here’s a doozy from 1999 that Ozzie Newsome would like us all to forget – a third round pick in ’99 and a conditional fifth the following year for Scott Mitchell.

Proponents of the proposed Favre to Baltimore trade will also argue that the Ravens haven’t been the best visionaries in the draft during the third round so what have they to lose? Since the team’s inception through 2007 the third round has produced Marshal Yanda, David Pittman, Musa Smith, Casey Rabach, Chris Redman and Jay Graham. Of this less than stellar group only Yanda and Rabach have reached expectations.

Relatively speaking isn’t Favre and a player-to-be-named worth the Ravens ’09 third round pick?

Did the Ravens blow an opportunity here?


Don’t you think that the Packers know a little bit more about Favre than the Ravens do? The Packers have improved this offseason and they were an interception away from defeating the eventual Super Bowl XLII Champions. Despite it all they decided to turn their backs on Favre after his latest rendition of "Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?" and make Lambeau Field Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood. That close to winning it all and still they are moving on even though the King of Green Bay wishes to return – again.

If Favre is about as decisive with his career in Green Bay as a dog at a fire hydrant convention, what makes you think he’ll be more decisive in Baltimore with a team that isn’t as playoff ready as the team he’s trying to run from?

Now there are rumors that Favre hit the redial button to the Minnesota Vikings about as often as Charlie Sheen once did to Heidi Fleiss; as often as Pacman Jones to the Offices of Johnny Cochran.

Think about that!

To put it in perspective, Brett Favre was every bit as important to Green Bay as Cal Ripken was to Baltimore. Suppose Ripken after announcing his retirement decided to come back with the Yankees or Red Sox because they offered a better chance for him to return to the World Series.

Ripken would fall off that high perch like Humpty Dumpty and all of Pete’s horses and all of Pete’s yes men could never, ever put the Golden Boy’s stellar reputation back together again.

If Favre couldn’t get it done in extremely familiar surroundings, what makes anyone think he could get it done here in Baltimore? If anything he would be less effective, right?

So you think Favre would have been an excellent mentor for Joe Flacco, eh? Think again or better still, ask Aaron Rodgers how much Favre took him under his wing. That whole mentoring thing is overrated anyway. That’s why they hire quarterback coaches.

Oh and we haven’t even gotten to the money part…

The Ravens were wise to avoid the temptation of Favre for a seemingly bargain basement price. Perhaps Ozzie realizes that the team isn’t just a Brett Favre away from going back to Tampa to play in Super Bowl XLIII. Maybe he knows that Favre would be no more than one big colossal and expensive distraction.

Aren’t the Ravens trying to get away from their self-absorbed, unaccountable ways of the past? Hasn’t Favre shown that he’s really only concerned about himself over the past few months?

Let him go and play for the Vikings.

It just might make the Ravens’ preseason home opener worth a little closer to the face value of the tickets.


Jravens52 said...

I cannot agree more with you. This whole Farve thing is going mess up the locker room on whatever team takes him. We have had enough problems with the letter "I" and not enough "WE". It going to be "Farve throw's 3 int's". "Farve throw's 3 TD's in the 4th to save the day". "Farve this Farve that". That is not what this team want's or needs. We need to groom our new QB and get him to the point where he can run this club into the next decade.

The "Armchair" QB said...

Agree with "passing" on Favre because Mitchell came with a "leap of faith", too!