Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hopes are sky high for Bazooka Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco has yet to play a down in the NFL. In fact he has yet to see an NFL defense in a live full speed practice where linebackers can outrun the swiftest safeties that the Delaware Blue Hens ever faced. All the perfect throws during passing camps in the world, amount to absolutely nothing if Flacco can’t get it done when it counts.

Take a little tour around the Ravens’ locker room and ask a few of the players both on and off the record what they think of the team’s No. 1 pick in 2008 and the reviews are unanimous with everyone predicting a very successful NFL career for the player soon to be labeled Bazooka Joe.

And boy can this guy fling it!

Joe Flacco can make all of the throws. He lofts a deep sideline pass with enough trajectory to hit a receiver in stride but not too much so as to enable the safety rolling over to make a play on the ball. He scans the field and knows where to go with the football when the primary, secondary and tertiary options are covered. I think he even knows what tertiary means too. Besides a powerful and accurate arm that loses no zip regardless of his arm angle, the lights are actually on upstairs and apparently someone is home.

No wonder the players are excited. Samari Rolle compared Flacco to Carson Palmer!

But slow down!

Is he really that good or are the players so used to incompetent play at quarterback that relatively speaking Flacco does look like Palmer?

The yearning for a good quarterback is so strong here in Baltimore. From the owner right on down to the guy who cleans up the dirty discarded adhesive strips in the locker room after practice, everyone connected to the Ravens wants the team to find a dependable signal caller. After all we are talking about a franchise whose fans think that either Trent Dilfer or Vinny Testaverde is the best QB in franchise history. How bad is that?

Look players know players and they can usually spot talent. And when enough players say the same thing, it starts to shape you into a believer. Remember though this is Baltimore and in Baltimore we think that good QB play is only true in fairy tales and even then for some other team, not ours.

With this Flacco guy, Ozzie & Co. might be on to something good.

But let’s wait until Sundays in the Fall before we get as happy as a sailor on Bourbon Street.


HKusp said...

I couldn't agree more Tony. This guy seems to have all the physical tools and from all accounts, he has the mental make-up to be a very good QB. That being said, there WILL be a steep learning curve going from the Blue Hens to playing the Steelers. People in this town are going to put a lot of pressure on the Kid, and they are going to set themselves up for disappointment if they don't temper their expectations a bit.

Mobtown said...


Heaven forbid that Ravens fans get excited about a 1st round QB on the roster.

no no no, we cant have that...

No, instead we should all roast Flacco, Oz, DeCosta, et al for daring to attempt to rectify a long standing weakness.

We should just assume the worst , cause optimism is totally overrated...

fjhjr said...

Until 'Bazooka Joe' proves his "true worth" playing in real-time NFL Football Games, we should NOT get too excited ~ Right now, he
is just about everything that the Ravens were saying about Kyle Boller. AND, bottom line, his success or failure will depend on his OL and his pass receivers!!

Anonymous said...

Good analysis. Most of our players haven't seen a gifted QB in practice. Rolle's comments lend the most promise. BTW, Flacco did beat Towson last year, though not the year before. Flacco ran a system whereas UD had a strong running game. Flacco never really had to carry the team on his shoulders. How's the boy gonna do in a two minute drill? THAT is the critical part.

Give him a year or so on the bench. The first year should be for learning not lumps.

Tony Lombardi said...


Thanks for the catch on TU...I made the edit.

Want an editing job?

The pay isn't great but the benefits of your picture on our fan photo gallery have been said to be immeasurable.


Anonymous said...

I'm reserving comment on Flacco until I se him in live action. That being said, it wouldn't take much to get excited about a new QB, what with BB gone, a new system in place and a new coordinator running the "O" who actually knows what he's doing! Flacco needs three innate,instinctive qualities to be successful, with all other things being relatively equal: poise, pocket presence and......ACCURACY! Those are the traits that seperate the men from the boys at that position! And, from all I've heard, he's got them! So , by the way, does Troy Smith, based on his limited erformance in his rookie year. Kyle Boller,on the other hand, has none of them!!!

eddie said...

If the ravens decide to start Joe,I just hope that he does not get hurt, like Kyle did in his first year. Remember the back injury. No wonder he has happy feet when the ball is snapped. So let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope for a winning season.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mobtown on this one. How dare Ravens fans get excited about having drafted Joe Flacco. TFF, really. Anyone who thinks that Joe Flacco is some sort of 2008 version of Kyle Boller really doesn't get it.

Now, having said that, there's no guarantee that Flacco will be in the Palmer/Big Ben category, but hey...wake up...there are simply no guarantees in life. But under the circumstances, there's plenty to get excited about when it comes to Joe Flacco.

As far as the Ravens O-line for 2008...the status of the CBs...DEs...WRs...the health of our TEs...the re-signing of Suggs, Ray, Scott...well, those are other stories entirely. But when it comes to Bazooka Joe...let the good times roll.

Anonymous said...

Joe Flacco was my #1 QB Choice for the Ravens before the NFL Draft took place ~ so I'm obviously behind him 100%!

He doesn't have to be another Palmer or 'big Ben'....I would be happy if he just turned out to be 'another JOE' ~ like Joe Namath!

Go 'Bazooka Joe'!!!!