Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baltimore sports fans await fun days on Sundays

Baltimore sports fans can’t wait for their next win on Sunday. In case your summer Sunday-Fundays take your attention away from the Orioles, the black and orange have dropped 15 in a row on the day of the Sabbath. I guess Dave Trembley’s gang takes the “Sunday is a day of rest” credo a little too seriously.

Let’s hope the Ravens are better on Sundays this season than our other favorite birds in town. But don’t look to Vegas for reassurance. Sin City pegs the Ravens as one of the league’s bottom feeders in ’08. The over/under on wins is 6. The Ravens’ odds to win the Super Bowl run neck and neck with the hopelessness and despair of the ’08 Raiders and 49ers.

Hey speaking of numbers did you know that 13 NFL teams hold their training camp at team headquarters? If the Ravens were one of the 13, there would be no public access to training camp practices. It’s just not logistically possible in Owings Mills.

Three teams hold camp 162 miles or more from their home town including the Saints (162 miles), the Chiefs (405 miles) and the Cowboys (1,291 miles). I think I’ll stop complaining about the 32 mile trek from Perry Hall to Westminster.

Take a look 35 miles south on the BW Parkway and you will find an interesting team in the Redskins. Now keep in mind they couldn’t wait to get now departed offensive coordinator Al Saunders in there to shake up a stagnant offense. He never did and players like Clinton Portis and Antwan Randle El say don’t let the door hit you where the sun doesn’t shine.

Apparently they love the unpredictability of Jim Zorn’s new West Coast style offense. Something tells me that Jason Campbell is going to have a tough time with that style. It’s like asking Jamal Lewis to be a third down back.

Staying with Comcast Sportsnet’s favorite team, Redskins’ fans are dancing in the streets over the news that the South Beach fox trotter Jason Taylor is heading north. Second and sixth round picks seem a bit steep for a player who will likely head west to Tinsel Town no later than 2010, possibly 2009. Pay attention to the players Bill Parcells gets with those picks from Dan Snyder.