Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ravens see green in red?

If you’ve read this blog before you know that I often wondered why the Ravens never dressed their quarterbacks in red during practice while the rest of the league dressed their QB’s in red or another off color. John Harbaugh came along and changed that. All QB’s now wear a stop sign shade of red during all organized team activities.

Fair enough and it’s about time.

Now the Ravens’ opportunistic marketing department has chosen to take the change and capitalize upon it by selling replica red Joe Flacco practice jerseys to impressionable Ravens fans for the “modest” sum of $85.00.

It’s a free country built upon capitalism and certainly I’m down with that. But why sell these red jerseys? Do you think the Packers ever sold red Brett Favre jerseys?

Do we really want M&T Bank Stadium littered with red jerseys? Will Harbaugh change the QB practice jersey from red to yellow next year to create another marketing opportunity? C’mon folks, step right up and get your Ravens’ yellow Joe Flacco practice jersey.

Gee won’t the visiting Steelers’ fans love that?

Seriously though, don’t we want more purple or black or white or a great combination thereof in those stands at M&T? Aren’t those chairs molded in purple for a reason?

The team claims to be marketing these jerseys on a limited basis. I hope that’s true and just not some end-of-the-month sales tactic to create short-term demand.

I don’t know, perhaps this is some ado about nothing. But it just seems to me that the Ravens aren’t seeing red at all with their opportunism. It’s more like they are blinded by green.


f7eleven said...

I think the jerseys are pretty neat and wanted one since seeing joe, troy and kyle sporting them in the first practice after the draft. It's just something different, like a Pro Bowl jersey or Ray Lewis Miami jersey. We can only have so many purple, black and white jerseys. (i think the pink jerseys are cool too).

McNasty21 said...

SHUT THE F UP! I am a bit dummer after reading that! Who cares what color it is. Red is apart of thier colors. I like them!

MeSoSmart said...

Apparently McNasty's career as a spelling bee contestant is in peril

McNasty21 said...

I know! I could spell great before I read the article. Now I am dummer and cant spell :( Thanks TL

Tony Lombardi said...

McNasty! STOP!

If you keep coming back they'll be fitting you for a straight jacket soon!

And that wouldn't be fair to your family.

Or would it?

Anonymous said...

i think they look awsome and would like to see them as our alternate uniform this year.

Ravcolt said...

If you wear red tonight,
Remember what I said tonight.
For red is the color that my QB wore,
And what's more, it's true,
Yes it is.
Scarlet were the clothes he wore,
Everybody knows I'm sure.
I would remember all those throws he made,
a different shade, it's true,
Yes it is, it's true.
Yes it is.
I could be happy with purple on my side
If I could forget it, but it's my pride.
Yes it is, yes it is.
Oh, yes it is, yeah.
"Please don't wear red tonight."
This is what I said tonight.
For red is the colour that will make me po’,
In spite of Joe, it's true,
Yes it is, it's true.
Yes it is.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any problem with the marketing of the red jerseys. But I'm more jazzed about the ravens (birds) they're currently training to fly around the stadium during intros at home games. :-)