Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm bummed about who DIDN'T show up for Ogden's farewell

During the press conference to officially announce Jonathan Ogden’s retirement, I noticed the current and former players in attendance. From the current roster there was Trevor Pryce, Jason Brown, Bart Scott, Todd Heap and Kyle Boller. Former Ravens paying their respects included Harry Swayne, Wally Williams, Spencer Folau, Edwin Mulitalo and Orlando Brown.

Yet I couldn’t help but think of the current and former players that weren’t there and they why they weren’t there…

Wouldn’t it make sense for Ray Lewis to be there? Wasn’t he the player drafted along with Ogden in the first round back in 1996? Isn’t he the other end of the tandem that will make history? What other franchise can say that their very first two draft picks are Hall of Famers? My guess is that no other franchise can say that.

Anyway, it bothered me that Ray wasn’t there. Maybe Ray called J.O. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he had some prior commitment that wouldn’t allow him to be there. But this press conference didn’t have to take place on this exact day now did it? Insiders knew a month ago that J.O. was hanging up the cleats. Ray should have been there.

Where was Matt Stover? He shares a distinguished link to J.O. and Ray. The three are the only three players who have been Baltimore Ravens from day 1. Why wasn’t he there?

Jamal Lewis wasn’t there either. You could argue that Jamal owes J.O. But then again with all the under the bus kicking Jamal has been doing lately of his former mates and organization, maybe he wasn’t welcome.

If Edwin Mulitalo could pull himself away from his workouts in Detroit to pay his respects, why couldn’t these three and even others shown up?

I don’t know…maybe I’m just a sentimental fool.

Speaking of getting all sentimental, many have said that the Ravens win over the Jaguars back in 2000 was THE pivotal game in the team’s history. You can relive that game this Monday on NFL Network in a NFL Classic replay dubbed “Shootout in Baltimore.”

Here’s the lowdown skinny….

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens - 9/10/2000

Monday, June 16 at 8:00 PM ET NFL NETWORK

In 2000, the Ravens proved they were ready to play with the conference heavyweights. Baltimore erased a 17-point, first-quarter deficit in this thrilling comeback which culminated with an improbable 75-yard drive in the last two minutes. Ravens quarterback Tony Banks threw a team-record five touchdown in a contest which featured 75 points.

The Ravens went on to win Super Bowl XXXV that season. NFL Classic Games (formerly NFL Classics) features the complete network broadcasts of legendary NFL regular season and playoff games with original announcers and graphics.

*Following the Monday night premiere, encore showings are on Tuesday at 11:30 AM ET and Saturday at 9:00 AM ET.

My DVR is all ready to go….


Anonymous said...

Well you got the fool part right.

Owings Mills

No. 31 said...

Interesting how this clown Eric always has some smart ass thing to say and trashes TL for being a fool and lacking talent yet he keeps reading his stuff and this site.

So take your pick Eric, either you are the fool or a troll.

Happy Father's Day to all!

Touchdown Ravens! said...

That game against the Jags was special. It is arguably the loudest crowd ever at PSI/M&T. I'm not sure which TD created the most uproar, Sharpe from Banks or Heap from McNair. Funny how both took place on almost the identical spot on the field.

I'm looking forward to watching it but just in case, I'm following TL's lead here and DVRing it.

Can't wait for September but in the meantime I plan on enjoying the summer and of course Father's Day.

Peeee Uuuuu said...

I'm going to give Ray the benefit of the doubt and say that he and an unbreakable commitment that prevented him from being there for J.O. I actually hope that's true.

As for Jamal, he's just a turd and he would have just stunk up the press conference. It's better for everyone else that he stayed away.

MB Genius said...

I'm a little surprised that Ray wasn't there to support J.O. also. Although I have to wonder if J.O. would have been there for Ray if the roles were reversed.

Was Billick there?

Enough of the sappy sentiment.

Thanks for the heads up on the Jags @ Ravens replay tonight. I will be tuned in for sure.