Friday, June 27, 2008

Gas prices soar into the 4's while the Ravens will soon drop 4's

So, I’m driving along Long Green Pike yesterday afternoon and notice that I’m in dire need of gas. In fact my need to refuel was so acute that I had to pull into this little Mom & Pop gas station near the corner of Long Green Pike and Fork Road.

I knew it wouldn’t be cheap.

But then again when it comes to gas these days is it ever cheap?

Anyway, as I’m pumping gas and feeling like there was a gaping hole in my pocket, I looked up at the sign displaying the gas prices. And I had to laugh. Neither Mom nor Pop ever expected fuel prices to reach into the four dollar per gallon range.

You see the dollar digit on the sign displaying the number 4 was made of white adhesive tape strips. Apparently Mom & Pop were out of 4’s.

Go fish!

Maybe Mom & Pop can borrow a few 4’s from the Ravens…

Well there is No. 4 Sam Koch. Surely he will be around. Justin Harper wears No. 14. He’s got a shot at making the team despite being a seventh round pick. David Pittman wears No. 24. I don’t expect him to be around. Cory Ross wears No. 34. I’m not rushing out to get one of his jerseys any time soon.

Fullback Jake Nordin sports No. 44. Uh, don’t let the door…well you know.

Frank Walker wears No. 41 and he’ll stick; No. 46 is plastered on the back of TE Joe Reitz and No. 47 on the back of TE Scott Kuhn; the incomparable LB Jameel McClain wears No. 48 and then there’s promising third round pick Tavares Gooden who sports No. 49 – for now.

My guess is that Gooden won’t stick with No. 49. Besides, it looks a bit strange on a linebacker. The guess here is that he’ll be wearing No. 51 when the season starts, making yet another “4” number available.

Why No. 51?

Well Gooden is a self professed worshipper of Ray Lewis. He may even see himself as Little Ray. So shouldn’t Little Ray have a number just a bit less than No. 52? Of course it all makes sense except for one thing. That number belongs to Mike Smith – for now.

Mike Smith is a good guy and a hard-nosed player with a great work ethic. But he’s slow and he can’t get back on the field because of a bum shoulder. Not exactly a good combination for a NFL linebacker. My bet is that Smith won’t be with the team and there will be some sort of injury settlement.

And that will lead to one less “4” on a Ravens’ back freeing up another for Mom & Pop.

Photo by Sabina Moran


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Oniel Cousins, Mike Krakalik, and Justin Bannan. Bannan and Cousins will definitely stick around, but Krakalik's number may be available, as he seems to be the 5th OT or lower on the depth chart.