Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jason Taylor to the Ravens...more bark than bite!

Jason Taylor to the Ravens… Hmm, is this fantasy football? Well not according to ESPN 1300’s Damon “Bulldog” Yaffe who reported on his appropriately titled blog Dog Droppings that Taylor is heading north:

"Current Miami Dolphin (DE) Jason Taylor wants to be a Baltimore Raven and everything is pointing towards the fact that he will become one soon. I was contacted earlier today by a local source who stated to me that 'you really need to look into the Jason Taylor situation; a number of Ravens are trying to talk him into coming to Baltimore and he has told a few of them that he will push Miami for a trade and would love to be in Baltimore' the source also noted 'official talks between the Dolphins and Ravens have already taken place on a possible deal' & the Ravens really think he will be a good fit here in Baltimore'. "

Clearly Taylor would be a fit. He is a stud athlete with a great motor and work ethic who plays hard to the whistle. He’s a leader and a solid citizen as evidenced by his Walter Payton Man of the Year Award given annually to a player in recognition of his volunteer and charity work, as well as his excellence on the field.

The New York Giants showed the world that even the most dominating offense can be beaten if you smack around the opposing quarterback. And boy don’t those DB’s look a lot better when the quarterback is under siege and wouldn’t THAT be a fit here in Baltimore given the problems in the secondary last season?

Just imagine Terrell Suggs, Antwan Barnes, Trevor Pryce and Bart Scott getting after the quarterback with the support of six-time Pro Bowler Jason Taylor. You think Ben Roethlisberger wants to see that twice per season?

It is a match made in heaven but unfortunately it won’t happen.

It won’t happen for 3 reasons: Taylor’s age; Taylor’s probable salary requirements and Taylor is represented by Gary Wichard who just happens to be the agent for Terrell Suggs.

At 34, Taylor has probably played his best football already. If he leaves the Dolphins he will want to land in a place that is Super Bowl ready. Even the most optimistic Ravens’ fan would have to concede that the Ravens are not Super Bowl ready.

Moreover, the Ravens’ capologist Pat Moriarty doesn’t have much breathing room with the team’s cap at the moment. What is left will be used to sign their rookies and then leave a bit of space for any in season requirements that may surface due to injury. Tight end comes to mind.

And then there is the issue of Terrell Suggs and his contract status. Suggs and Wichard would lose leverage if suddenly Taylor appears on the team’s roster. Why would Wichard do that when there are other teams arguably far more Super Bowl ready than the Ravens that may have the prerequisite cap space? Why would Wichard undermine his own efforts with Suggs? Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to place Taylor with a team that is not negotiating with another of his high profile, high priced pass rushing specialist free agents? A team like the Chargers or Cowboys would make more sense.

The Chargers would place Taylor closer to Hollywood where he could conveniently pursue his post-NFL aspirations. The Cowboys would place Taylor closer to his brother-in-law Zach Thomas. Both teams would place Taylor closer to a coveted Super Bowl ring.

The guess here is that Yaffe’s source had at the very least some distant connectivity to Wichard. Agents love to float their players’ names out to the media and create rumors. The rumors bring attention and they can help to shake up a stagnant trade market.

And here’s a final thought on the topic. If one of the driving forces behind the team’s alleged interest in Taylor is rooted in the team’s player’s collective desire to bring Taylor here, isn’t that reason enough to nix the deal? Getting rid of Brian Billick in part was due to the team’s need for a cultural cleansing and place the control of the team back into the lap of management and not in the lockers of the Ravens’ infamous locker room posse.

Remember the players’ yearning for Corey Fuller and Deion Sanders and Steve McNair?

I rest my case.

Well, time for me to go…there are a few dog droppings out back stinking up the joint.

Those little doggies can be fun but sometimes they sure can make a mess.


Pooper Scooper said...

First this "fact" from Yaffe:

"Current Miami Dolphin (DE) Jason Taylor wants to be a Baltimore Raven and everything is pointing towards the fact that he will become one soon. "

Then the backstroke:

"…I do not know if the Ravens have had any “official” talks with the Miami Dolphins concerning (DE) Jason Taylor. My initial “local source” is not a member of the Ravens organization; and as of this evening I have not gotten any “official” or “unofficial” response from the Ravens about this topic. Anything to the contrary has never been stated otherwise in this blog or on any radio show that I am on or involved with."

Michael Phelps would be proud of the stroke. But is it enough to keep the "Steaming Hot Pile" (and no truer words could ever be said) afloat?

Hey Damon, the silos at the Back River Treatment facility are calling.

What a piece of, well you know!

Anonymous said...

TL said:

"The rumors bring attention and they can help to shake up a stagnate trade market."

I think you meant "stagnant", not stagnate trade market.

Anonymous said...

TL...ProFootball Talk apparently has stepped in on this as well and they are taking pokes at Yaffe:

Last night, we mentioned that our buddy Steve Davis of WBAL said that rumors of the Ravens pursuing Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor are off the mark.

One media source has since told us that a high-level member of the Ravens organization has said that the report of interest in the 2006 Defensive Player of the Year is “misguided.”

There are also a couple of published reports that debunk the rumor. Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times writes that the rumor, per a team official, is “completely false.” Wilson also points out that Taylor and former Fins head coach/current Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron had a ”frosty” relationship during Cameron’s one-and-out year in Miami.

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun cites an unnamed team official in support of the observation that the rumor is “untrue.” Hensley also points out the strained relationship between Taylor and Cameron.

Oh, and the guy who started the rumor seems to be covering his butt.

I think I will try to listen in on Tuesday and see how he spins this.

Tony Lombardi said...

That's what it says, stagnant...

LOL...thanks very much for the edit ;-)

Want a job?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ want a job.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that Viviano let Yaffe go on with this bogus Jason Taylor story as part of an effort to get him cut from the show?

Viviano is a class act. Yaffe is classless. Viviano is built for speed. Yaffe is built for cookies. Viviano is smooth as silk. Yaffe is as smooth as a circumcision. Viviano is respectful. Yaffe thinks respect is an Aretha Franklin song. Viviano is on TV. Yaffe has a TV. Viviano breaks stories. Yaffe fakes stories. Viviano has a show in his name. Yaffe has a sandwich named after him.

He must be important, just ask him.

Puppy Chow said...

What is the over/under on the number of callers Bulldog will hang up on this Tuesday? Wonder if he'll call in sick (maybe he had a bad can of Alpo) to avoid the negative backlash.

Has anyone visited 1300's website? The comments about him and Anita Marks make you wonder how either is still on the air.

But then again, maybe 1300 knows we'll all be tuning in to see how their favorite canine spins it.

Anonymous said...

I just hate the fact the media people say they get their information from
" Un-named sources, local inside source or inside Ravens official". This is such BS!!!! This is just a way of idiots like him stirring it up. He probably overheard someone talking at a bar about Jason Taylor. It just makes me sick because they do not have to be accountable. He is a clown

Taylor beat Ogden often said...

I did a search for Ravens and Jason Taylor and found this blog. This guy Bulldog doesn't do the canine justice. I took the bait and followed his Dog Droppings link (thankfully he doesn't go to the bathroom often since his last dropping was a month ago).

Anyway his argument supporting Jonathan Ogden is a joke. Let's revisit his most recent stinky mess:

"Earlier today Jon Ogden retired. He is officially an ex-Raven and as I’ve stated for a few years now on the radio - he walks away as the greatest football player in Ravens history. No offense to Ray Lewis or to Matt Stover, but Ogden sits alone at the top."

Bulldog should ask himself these two questions before he publishes such a steaming hot pile: 1) Could the ravens have won SB XXXV without Jonathan Ogden? 2) Could the Ravens have won SB XXXV without Ray Lewis?

Answer to 1. Yes Answer to 2. No friggin way

"I could write a nice fat novel on Ogden’s football accomplishments,"

Who would read it?

Bulldog further supports his choice of Ogden explaining that "his role within the locker room and organization, his ties to the community, his family and background and a handful of tell-all-behind-the-scenes stories."

Is "tell-all-behind-the-scenes" an oxymoron?

He concludes:

"For me - the answer is simple. Take the debate out onto the field…man-to-man…pads on…both in their prime…Lewis would dominate or find a way to beat almost anyone in his way…Lewis would make almost anyone quit first…Lewis would will himself to be the better player…BUT…there would be one player that would control and neutralize Lewis - it would be Ogden. The greatest defensive players in the NFL over the past twelve seasons have been enveloped by the black hole that was #75…Lewis would not have been able to buck that trend. Lewis would not get the best of Jonathan Ogden down-in and down-out."

This is the equivalent of saying that Sugar Ray Robinson could never be considered the greatest pound for pound boxer because he could never beat Muhammed Ali round in and round out. It's as irrelevant as his proposed one on one matchup between Ogden and Lewis.

In the end Bulldog is much like a dumb dog. You can laugh at him but don't waste your time taking him seriously. And be prepared to clean up the steaming hot pile.

But thanks for the laugh just the same.