Friday, May 30, 2008

Jamal Lewis can't shut his pie hole...Roger Goodell supports Ravens' PA Announcer

"The first seven years of my career the offense was all focused on Jamal Lewis running the football. But now you can't do that. You have so many weapons this team can go to. I can do my job without worrying about eight- and nine-man fronts. "Here, I deal with six- and seven-man boxes. That's what I like to see."

That’s from former Raven Jamal Lewis who goes on to say….

"It's a myth when people say I was injured, I was this, I was that," Lewis said. "It was just the position I was in, and where I was at."Now I'm with a better team, I'm around better players, and I have help. In the place I was in before, I had no help, so ... it's a much better situation."

The more this guy talks the less I like him.

It’s hard to respect a player who forgets where he came from; one who forgets about the offensive line that was able to create enough space for him despite 8 and 9 man defensive fronts and still pave the way to over 2,000 yards; one who might be out of football or incarcerated if not for the support of the Ravens’ organization.

And just think, one day he’ll be up there in the Ring of Honor and when he accepts the induction Jamal Lewis will give us all lip service and tell us how he will forever treasure his time here in Baltimore and blah, blah, blah.

I’m disappointed in Jamal. And I’m sure Jonathan Ogden, Edwin Mulitalo, Mike Flynn, Casey Rabach, Orlando Brown and company are all just thrilled with old No. 31. What a guy. What a teammate, eh?

This isn’t the first time Lewis has blathered about his former mates like an idiot (See J. Lewis in Denial) and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Lewis is obviously comfortable playing the role of the victim. Victims never do anything wrong – it’s always someone else’s fault.

Right Jamal?

Lewis’ former back-up, Musa Smith is now a member of the Jets. Smith was initially thought to be the heir apparent to Lewis but injuries prevented Smith from ever realizing his potential. Word is the Ravens were unimpressed with Smith’s tentativeness following the neck injury he suffered in Tennessee back in 2006. Now Smith gets to back up another high profile back from the draft class of 2000 – one that many Ravens’ fans preferred on draft day to Jamal Lewis – Thomas Jones.

To my surprise the Ravens are entertaining the idea of suiting up Freddie Mitchell. The former Eagle also known as Fred-Ex ran his mouth more effectively than passing routes towards the tail end of his active career which faded away like a Tom Hanks delivery lost at sea.

Remember when Brian Billick brought in several former Vikings when he first arrived in Baltimore. Maybe John Harbaugh is taking a page from Billick’s handbook and plans on bussing former Eagles south on I-95. Hey what’s up with Harold Carmichael these days?

Ever go to a Ravens’ game and think that S.A.F.E. Management’s hired guns are a little too amped up? If so prepare yourselves. The amperage is about to climb even higher.

Roger Goodell’s soon-to-be-released fan conduct policy will be part of the Commish’s plan to remove violence from the stands and tailgate lots.

"We want everyone to be able to come to our stadiums, behave properly, enjoy this experience but don't ruin it for others," said Goodell. "We will be focusing on that, including the implementation of an NFL fan conduct policy which we will have out prior to the season."

No truth to the rumor that Ravens’ PA Announcer Bruce Cunningham will be doing a “DON’T BE A JERK” tour this season.

Ever look at The Sun’s baseball box scores these days? I guess the tabloid format isn’t suitable to showing the pitcher of record's seasonal record or the ERA of pitchers. One step forward and two steps back for The Sun’s sports section.

Paint it purple downy ocean hon! Beginning today over 5,000 purple clad dyed-in-the-wool Ravenmaniacs will make their way to Ocean City to celebrate their favorite team. Each year Ravens Roosts throughout Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania participate in a parade that meanders north on Baltimore Avenue. Ravens’ players are usually in attendance and this year’s roster includes Jason Brown and former Raven and fan favorite Edwin Mulitalo. If you are Eastern Shore bound, check it out. A big contingent of fans will call Castle in The Sand home this weekend where volleyball tournaments and karaoke competition will kick off today.

WNST has a great idea (one that I'm told was the brainchild of Comcast Morning Show producer Adam Dembeck) to help fill the semi-void of sporting activity here in The Land of Pleasant Living.

They've kicked off a tournament to crown the King of Baltimore Sports. So far they have 28 candidates, all of which are labeled automatic bids. The at-large bids (4 in total) will be determined by write-in candidates. Among the glaring ommissions in my opinion are: Bert Jones, Earl Monroe, Gus Johnson, Paul Blair and Ken Singleton. Look if Lydell Mitchell is on the list, how is Bert Jones not on it? Same goes for Blair and Singleton when the juice machine (aka Brady Anderson) is on the list. You can find all of the automatic bids here on WNST's website. Johnny Unitas is the chalk (he should win easily) followed by the Robinsons and Ripken. But given the aforementioned oversights, who knows what the outcome will be? That's why they play "the games."

Oh and can we disqualify Jamal Lewis for stabbing his former mates in the back -- AGAIN!

Finally, congrats are in order for my nephew Nick Caddick who graduates from Calvert Hall tomorrow. Nick is a southpaw pitcher for the Cardinals and enjoyed three championship seasons as a member of the varsity baseball team. My best goes out to Nick and all graduates of any age. Celebrate responsibly!


Anonymous said...

Say what you wish to say about Jamal and his "backstabbing" ways, but he's basically speaking the truth. The Ravens don't have the weapons on offense that the Browns do, and the offensive line in Baltimore is mostly young and unproven. Mostly he did face 8 and 9 man boxes in Baltimore and the offense here was focused on Jamal Lewis. His comments are accurate and I have no problem with them.

It's about time the league did something about fan conduct around the league. Maybe fans will one day be able to attend road games wearing their home team's gear without worrying that they will be tormented and harrassed.

Anonymous said...

I will say what I want- and while he may have been speaking the truth- he went entirely overbaord in throwing his teammates under the bus. He could have made the same points... AGAIN... WITHOUT putting down his old teammates.

Just because some of what he said may have been true, doesn't mean what he said is right.

There's a classy way to do and say things, and then there's the Jamal Lewis way.

JIM - Pasadena said...

Jamal is right. Everyone knew that the ravens had one major threat & that was the run. Why do you think Billick is not here? Everyone we played shut the run down and they win the game especially when Heap is out. Now the ravens do not have a proven QB, weak wideouts, hurt TE, on offense. The Defense is old especially that washed up #52.

Anonymous said...

Blow it out of your ass Jim!
-Tony DellaRose-

Anonymous said...

Jamal ran like Jerry Lewis the last two years he was here!!! He didn't even try to get positive yards because he got away from a team first attitude. Good riddance to him, I'm glad we have Willis! Jamal has to face our defense twice again this year, let's see what happens.