Friday, April 04, 2008

Should the Ravens consider WR Chris Henry?

I don’t care how hard up the Ravens or any team for that matter are for a wide receiver, no one should consider hiring Chris Henry.

Let’s face it, Chris Henry is an idiot. Here’s a guy who is one of the relatively privileged few who get to play in the NFL. Here’s a guy who has repeatedly abused that privilege after being caught speeding, driving under the influence, possession of illegal substances, playing hanky panky with minors and assault and battery amongst other things. After all of that and an eight game suspension in 2007, this clown is given yet another chance and he’s blown that too.

When is enough, enough?

Well for the Cincinnati Bengals the answer is “Now!”

To which I say, “It’s about freakin’ time!”

Look if you have a kid that works at McDonald’s, does he get a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chance to go back to work after five arrests. Five arrests! And folks these are the times when he has been caught. How about all the broken laws he’s likely gotten away with?

At some point, doesn’t an employer reach the point when they realize that all the compassion and understanding and sob stories about upbringing in the world are never going to change the colors of this rotten maggot of a human being?

The most recent allegations against Henry suggest that the 24-year-old punched an 18-year-old man in the face and then broke his car window with a beer bottle. Now I know that at times these athletes are targeted and baited into situations, especially dumb ones like Henry. But after all he’s been through and for the most part gotten away with, and even if he is 100% innocent of the latest charges, why in the world is he even out in the company of near-minors? I think it’s safe to say that Henry just doesn’t get it and he shouldn’t get it! And the “it” in this equation is the privilege of playing in the National Football League.

Naturally Henry’s attorney Perry Ancona disputed the charges by saying, "We have a different set of facts we ask the court to consider.”

Facts? The only fact here is the Bengals finally did the right thing by releasing Henry. Mike Brown and the Bengals’ organization did all they could to help Henry and this is the respect that he extends to the organization and to his teammates?

Now I understand that the league has to be careful in what they say and do at this time regarding Henry but NFL spokesman Greg Aiello’s statement that it is premature to speculate on wide receiver's future in the league at this time is almost comical, particularly with all of the emphasis by the league’s owners on the integrity of the game at the recently completed owners’ meetings in Florida.

Aiello was joking right? I mean to reinstate Henry would suggest that all of the talk about integrity was nothing more than lip service. I don’t care if Henry did it or not. Just being remotely near such a situation is enough for me to boot the guy from the league forever.

Ironically, with these latest shenanigans Henry did little to help his former college roommate Pacman Jones and his hopes for reinstatement in the league. If anyone thinks that Jones knows that his potential reinstatement is his last chance and that realization will inspire him to toe the line of decency, forget it! If you think that Jones can’t possibly be that stupid, think again! Henry is proof that rotten apples don’t suddenly become sweet ones just because they’ve been given a reprieve. Henry is proof that dumb athletes don’t suddenly become smart ones.

Hopefully those who have even remotely considered Pacman Jones will let the idiocy of Chris Henry convince them that giving Jones another chance is the equivalent of sticking their head in the sand and their money in the incinerator. Certainly that should get the attention of profit driven NFL owners even if they are foolishly intoxicated by Jones’ athletic prowess.

Ban Henry permanently and keep Jones on the shelf perpetually. These thugs were once roommates. If they keep it up, maybe one day they’ll be cell mates too.

But maybe that’s just wishful thinking…


Anonymous said...

when is "Meathead" going to write a column titled "Idiot Newsome errs in not signing Henry"....we're waiting.

Anonymous said...

Whew. For a second, when I saw the title, I thought you were seriously considering Henry as someone the Ravens should acquire. The first thought that ran through my head was: "Consider Chris Henry?!!! Yeah...I consider Chris Henry. I consider him to be A TOTAL IDIOT!"

But as soon as I read the first paragraph, I realized you hadn't lost your mind.