Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pacman Fever can be dangerous

In one month or less we will find out if Pacman Jones has a new home in Dallas, Texas. Clearly Jones is a gifted athlete possessing outstanding speed and ball skills. Perhaps even more clearly, Jones is an extremely troubled man possessing less than exemplary common sense and role model skills.

The attraction to Jones’ talents is understandable. And on the surface offering a very team-oriented contract to him makes sense for the Cowboys. There are apparently few if any other teams interested in the frequent visitor to the principal’s office and that gives Jerry Jones all the leverage. The cost to obtain Pacman from Tennessee should be very inexpensive and the former Mountaineer is more than likely willing to play on the cheap just to prove himself to the world, somewhat similar to Randy Moss a little more than a year ago.

If it works out for the Cowboys and the Joneses, one year from now they’ll be talking about a more lucrative long-term deal on par with some of the other big cornerback contracts offered recently.

But what if it doesn’t work out?

Is Pacman’s talent too dazzling for Jerry Jones? Is it the equivalent of a beautiful woman luring an unsuspecting average Jerry? You know the type – the woman so stunning that some unlucky guy is willing to ignore the garage-full of unpleasant baggage.

Clearly the Ravens have needs at corner and thankfully they aren’t competing for Pacman’s services. And for that matter, nor should anyone else. Pacman Jones is a tormented man. And yes I know that his childhood story is tragic having experienced the murder of his dad at the tender age of 8 and the addictions of his mother. But that doesn’t excuse his behavior as an adult. It might explain it but it doesn’t excuse it.

Pacman Jones hasn’t paid the full price yet for full reinstatement, acceptance and such a clear path to the Who Wants to be a Millionaire winner’s circle – AGAIN! It’s way too soon. Jerry Jones should not enable him again nor should any other NFL owner. Collectively they need to send a message. Remember what happened to each team and each league that gave Lawrence Phillips a second, third or fourth chance?

It’s time to ignore the talent and focus on right and wrong.

It's time to stop giving thugs so many chances just because they can play a boys' game.

It’s time to pass on Pacman.

He’s used up the last of his power dots – at least for now.